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BUSINESS SYSTEMS ARCHITECTURE & DESIGN - Change Management for IT Professionals - Thursday 18 August

Monday, 18 Jul 2016

In this talk Glen Willis will discuss the constant need to manage change in IT services delivered to business customers.

Glen will use the roles of Business Analysts and IT Architects as the lens through which to view change, but most points are applicable to all IT professional roles.

Topics will be:

  1. Why do we have to keep changing things?
  2. Why is change difficult?
    1. Resistance to change. A look at human nature
    2. Examples and scenarios of resistance to change
  3. How resistance to change impacts our objectives
    1. Run through our service catalogue to see where change management matters most
    2. Impacts on our outcomes
  4. How can we overcome resistance to change?
    1. Recognising resistance and worse
    2. The traditional approach to dealing with resistance to change
    3. Dealing with some surprises about human nature
  5. Incorporating change management techniques into our service capabilities
    1. Who should be dealing with change management
    2. Can we change ourselves to become better change managers?
    3. Adjusting methods and services to deal with resistance to change

    Registration for this event has now closed.