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ACS Victoria hits the road to visit regional Victoria

Thursday, 14 Jul 2016

In late June, ACS Vic took a road trip and visited many businesses in the Ballarat and Bendigo regions.

First stop Ballarat. Technology and innovation is not new in Ballarat, the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship at the Ballarat Technology Park (BTP) enables techno-driven businesses to thrive and prosper, in a dynamic and supportive environment. This fast evolving precinct is designed to encourage and support the development of both emerging and existing technology-oriented enterprises (, 2015). The Technology Park is neighbours with Federation University and IBM to name a few, all playing a core role in driving innovation and tech jobs for the community. 

While visiting, ACS hosted a dinner and was fortunate enough to meet with representatives in Ballarat from both business and education. This provided an opportunity to network and to engage in topics taken from the
ACS Digital Pulse 2016.It was incredibly fascinating to hear the high level technical services being carried out within the area, including manufacturing, health and education.

Technology is thriving in Ballarat, a hidden secret, but certainly something that needs to be acknowledged more with our community.

Second stop Bendigo. Similar to Ballarat, Bendigo has a thriving tech community. Bendigo Bank is being a leader of tech innovation within the finance sector and La Trobe University in IT education. ACS met with small business such as Bendigo Telco and learnt about the innovations being carried out in Healthtech at Bendigo Health.

Bendigo is a fascinating region where history and modern technology come together all playing a role in change, efficiencies and innovation. ACS was pleased to meet with the ICT professionals in Bendigo and we are looking forward to visiting the regions again soon.

Ballarat Dinner