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ACS endorsed AIM event: Nominations and applications for the 2016 AIM Leadership Excellence Awards (ALEAs) are now open

Wednesday, 06 Jul 2016

Apply before 5pm on Sunday 31 July.

Nominations and applications for the 2016 AIM Leadership Excellence Awards (ALEAs) are now open. It’s easy to nominate and apply online.


Nominate & Apply Online

The ALEAs are national awards that recognise and celebrate Australia’s most outstanding leaders.

Applications are invited from leaders who inspire colleagues, are passionate, develop potential in others and are achieving exceptional results. If this sounds like you, or someone you know, then now’s the time to take action and apply or nominate for the 2016 ALEAs.

Click HERE to start the nomination process.

Participation in the ALEAs has many benefits:

Be recognised for your success

  • The ALEAs will shine the spotlight on your excellence in leadership, enhancing your existing business relationships and opening doors to new business opportunities.

Boost your reputation as a leader

  • The ALEAs give applicants the opportunity to showcase their leadership talents and commitment to developing potential in others.

Invest in your future

  • Completing an application is an opportunity for self-reflection. It lets you review your achievements and assess the effectiveness of your leadership, management, planning and operational skills whilst identifying areas that could be improved.

Put yourself in the spotlight

  • Increase awareness of your project or activities and raise your profile through the ALEAs marketing campaign and media coverage.

Celebrate the achievements of your staff and supporters

  • An award nomination, and the potential opportunity to be judged as a finalist or winner in the Awards, will not only recognise you as a leader, it will also recognise the efforts of your staff and supporters.

For more details, please call 1300 661 061 or go to AIM website: