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ACS Canberra - Ongoing 50th anniversary membership recognition (July)

Wednesday, 06 Jul 2016

The 50th Anniversary celebrations continue with exciting events and membership recognition.

This month, it is with pleasure that we recognise some of our long standing (and still active) members of ACS Canberra (continued) :

Member NameJoined DateYears of membership
Member NameJoined DateYears of membership
Justin Coates199125
Virajamani Dias199224
Donald Findley199125
John Harper199224
Anthony Haydon199125
David Haynes199224
John Hazelwood199125
Dieter Walter199224
Theo Bogiatzis199125
Anthony Ziebell199224
Lola McKinnon199125
Peter Coombe199224
Wai-Keung Pun199125
Marcel Van Den Bos199224
Francis Chan199224
Lalit Guglani199224
Paul Hopkins199224
Errol Woodfield199224
Robert Howie199224
Ljupco Cvetanovski199224