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Microsoft Backtracks on Windows 10 Upgrade Trick

Thursday, 30 Jun 2016


Restores ability for users to decline upgrade.

Microsoft is finally backtracking on its use of a “malware-like” tactic that tricked computer users into upgrading to Windows 10.

The company’s executive vice president of Windows and devices, Terry Myerson, said in a widely circulated statement that Microsoft would “launch a new upgrade experience” this week that restores the ability for users to decline Windows 10.

It comes six months after Microsoft caused outrage by changing the function of the “red-x” in the top right corner of a dialog box presented to Windows 7 and 8.1 users to get them to upgrade.

When Windows 10 launched, Microsoft started offering users the ability to reserve their upgrade via a small icon in the bottom right of the screen.

In December, it changed gears and started presenting a large pop-up to users offering only two options: to “upgrade now” or to “start download, upgrade later”.

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