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Express your interest for the new ACS Victoria Med-Data Special Interest Group

Thursday, 23 Jun 2016

Within Victoria, there are numerous medical integrated services bodies, that are both regional in their location and disease/condition related. As part of their role, these bodies conduct a significant amount of research into medical “consumer” (patient) communications approaches, treatment structure and other topics, with the aim to improve the efficacy and efficiency of treatment options, patient understanding and patient outcomes.

The data that is collected and analysed to review this research is of significant value for evidence based health practice, but there do not appear to be systematic approaches to its design, collation, and analysis.

The new ACS Victoria Med-Data Special Interest Group (SIG)  are seeking ICT practitioners working in the patient and clinical data field in Victoria, to work together to improve and more widely disseminate professional ICT practice in this field.

ACS Victoria members are invited to indicate their interest in joining the proposed Med-Data SIG.

For more information, or to express your interest, please contact [email protected].