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GREEN ICT - Using Predictive Analytics in Disaster Management – the future? - Wednesday 6 July

Thursday, 16 Jun 2016

Structural fires occur rarely and have a devastating impact to those that fall victim to it. When a fire occurs it does not discriminate, it consumes all in its path taking life, injuring, destroying property and damaging the environment.

A fundamental principle of firefighting has remained constant throughout the centuries, which is why Public Safety Agencies throughout the world on standby are ready to respond when a structure fire starts.

But what if we could identify where a fire was more likely to occur and do something about it before it happened?

Forward projections are indicating that as our climate changes the frequency and severity of fire events will increase.  There is a unique opportunity on how we can use Information Systems to better manage emergencies to cope with these changes.

This presentation will discuss work currently being undertaken to develop a framework to predict where and when a structure fire is likely to occur. 

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