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Do not miss out - Early bird rate ends 30 June

Wednesday, 01 Jun 2016


* Payment for Early Bird Registrations MUST be received before Thursday 30 June 2016. After this date the Early Bird rate expires and the Standard rate will be applied automatically to all unpaid registrations. For June event calendar, please click here.

This year we have fantastic streams looking at machine learning and artificial intelligence, sensors and the internet of things, the data that arises from those sensors and autonomous machines and its analysis. We also explore the ethical issues around machine learned decision making and the behavior of autonomous machines.
Streams and topic areas are: Technology; Security; Data management; Leadership; The Future of Work; Analysis and Design; Education; Ethics and professionalism.
This week we are introducing more of key speakers and we will continue to add more to the website.
In addition to the one day conference,  we also have conference partners Data Management Association (DAMA) and Information Technology Education and Communication (InTEACT) who have prepared two or three workshops for conference delegates on Wednesday 24, Thursday 25 and Friday 26 August. Stay tuned, more information and workshop registration will be available soon.

Key speakers include:

Flavia NardiniTim BellZoe RouthChris Bradley
Miguel CarrascoGill SavageJon CummingRichard Lucas
Leonie WalshGlen BellJames TurnerGeorge Mouratidis
Andrew Johnson

Chief Minister Andrew Barr

Dr Tim TurnerAnthony Wong

Sponsorship Opportunities

We are expecting to attract over 300 ICT professionals this year, making it a great opportunity to expose your organisation to a diverse audience of industry professionals in federal, state, and local government, senior manager, executives, and students.

Get details of our prospectus now! Hurry and get your chance to promote to 300+ Federal and corporate contacts in Canberra’s ICT sector.

Contact ACS Canberra Event Manager, Jenalle Wei NOW on 02 6143 5503 or via email to [email protected] for a copy of the "Conference Sponsorship Prospectus".
This year's Sponsors & partners