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Omid Aryafar, ACS Victoria Student Ambassador for Swinburne University

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Omid Aryafar is currently studying a Master of Information Technology (Network Management) at Swinburne University of Technology. Omid has been championing ACS as a student ambassador for the last 12 months, assisting the Victorian Branch in attending various university events and speaking with students. This year, Omid will be working closely with Alice Muy, to help create a connection between students studying ICT and ACS.

Omid AryafarWhere are you hoping to be once you have completed your studies?

Seeking out my career in the IT industry is my next step. However, I may look into opportunities to continue my studies at a PhD level to satisfy my research goals.

What are your long term career aspirations?
My long-term career aspiration is to be involved in large global innovative projects and welfare improvement. I am most ambitious about being able to help others and I hope that one day I can achieve this.

Are you a part of any relevant groups/student associations or other volunteer groups?

Not only am I a member of ACS, but I am also a part of the Project Management Institute, various university clubs and the student union.

Have you had any work experience? If so, where and what did it involve?
As a young IT professional, I have had a range of experience across a number of different roles. These include help desk, computer hardware and network maintenance, graphic design, multimedia, web development, sales, and customer service.

I have also been fortunate enough to volunteer at the charity organisation, Tear Australia, as an IT staff member.

What attracted you to the ACS Ambassador role?
As a new comer to the industry, ACS membership helped me to find kind and supportive friends among other members and ACS staff. I found ACS as an opportunity to improve my cross-cultural understanding and build on my communication skills. I started to introduce the benefits that ACS offered to my friends and peers and encouraged them to join. Dr Rod Dilnutt, Vice-Chair of ACS Victoria, connected me the Victorian branch team to become further involved in ACS as a student ambassador.

What do you like to do in your spare time? (Home/personal background/other interests)
Keeping up to date with the IT industry by engaging in ACS events and seminars is my first priority. I also spend a fair amount of time on investment analysis and doing research on the IT security area. As a student, I am limited to the time I have to spend on leisure activities, however I do try to fit in time spent at the gym and exploring Melbourne.

Why would you encourage other students and graduates to become more involved in ACS?
There are many benefits for being an ACS member including access to online reading materials, news, courses and more. For students like me, attending the ACS seminars, workshops, and networking events, helps to become familiar with the Australian workplace culture, understanding professional expectations, and keeping our knowledge updated while we are studying. I believe that with more people being aware of professional context, there is less chaos and fluent industry progress.

I am proud to be an ACS Student Ambassador and believe that ACS provides support to the student community and empowers IT professionals to be the best they can be.