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Statement of Candidates for the ACS Canberra 2016 BEC nomination

Friday, 20 May 2016

Thank you for your time in selecting the best candidates for 2016 - 2017 ACS Canberra Branch Executive Committee.

All financial members of the ACS Canberra Branch are eligible for vote. For a vote to be valid it must show the name and membership number and each member will be limited to complete the vote form once only.

The votes will be closed on Friday 17 June 2016 at 5pm.

Names below are not in any order. Please place your vote 1 to 7 by click the Election Process link (Only top five candidates will be shortlisted).

Martin Comans MACS CP
As an active member of the ACS and the ACS Branch executive for the past 3 years, I am seeking re-election to the Canberra branch executive committee.  Most importantly I am an active member of the committee where I assist with monthly events on a regular basis but also often represent ACS at numerous special events.  Previous events I have been involved with include CIT’s ICT Industry Event, where I promoting the ACS to graduating students and the Canberra CareersXpo where I promoted the ACS to high school and college students.

During my next term with the ACS I am seeking to increase our awareness of Diversity within the ACS and our membership base where I am nominating for the new Diversity Board.  My goal is to help the ACS remain a progressive organisation that recognises the benefits from diversity but also one that takes active steps towards increasing diversity in our sector.

I am currently an ACS Certified Professional, hold a Masters degree in ICT, have over 10 years experience in both the public and private ICT Sector and represent 2 charities as their CIO.  I look forward to representing the Canberra membership during a new term.

Kevin Landale MACS CP

I’m seeking your support in order to be elected to the Canberra Branch board of the ACS.  I’ve been a member of the ACS since 2008 and have been involved in numerous roles and capacities ever since the start.  In my few short years as a highly proactive, and engaged member, I’ve been the Young IT chair, Project Manager for the 2011 and 2012 conferences, Secretary, Treasurer, Congress Representative and Disciplinary Committee Representative.  My passion for the IT Industry and for this organisation is evident, and I’m keen to continue serving the Canberra Branch as an Ordinary Committee Member.

These hands-on roles to date, would allow me to be more strategic and consultative in my dealings with the board, the National Committees and any other stakeholders.  This would enable me to better engage with the Canberra Branch members.  This better engagement will enable me to understand their concerns better, and provide a necessary voice for their concerns to the board.  My involvement in various roles within the ACS at a local and National level would also prove useful by providing a unique perspective on matters, as well as ensuring that proper due diligence and governance is maintained.

Thank you for your consideration thus far.  And I thank you for taking a keen interest in these elections.

Peter Slater MACS CP

I will support and assist in progressing the ACS's goals, advancing the interests of its members, while promoting the advantages of ACS professionalism for both business and government sectors.

ICT is now becoming an outsourced industry. With big projects, the need to collaborate and close the gap between what outsourcers promise and what is actually delivered is one area where ACS members can really improve value and outcomes.

I have been a member of the ACS for more than 16 years. I am a technical specialist that values detail and end to end planning using experience to get quality results.

My ICT industry experience includes working in multiple technical support roles in the federal public sector, as well as having worked operational roles in the private sector. I have a degree in Computer Studies and thrive in areas where original 'problem solving' is required.
Specialisations include mainframe systems programming, database, and multiple aspects of testing including load, stress and performance testing with automation. Other interests include agile methodologies, company law, trusts and taxation, medicine, electronics and end-to-end personal computer security.

Denis Bowler MACS CP

I have been a member of the ACS since 2002 and, to date, have largely been a “lurker”. I would now like to step up and make a contribution to an organisation which I feel has been of great benefit to my professional development.

I have over 28 years of experience as an ICT professional in roles ranging from technical positions in service desk and infrastructure support, to project management and strategic planning. For the last 15 years I have held senior leadership roles, managing small to medium sized teams and organisational technology budgets. My background is primarily the public sector and I have been fortunate to have worked across the three arms of government. I also have undergraduate and Masters level qualifications in ICT. I feel that my breadth of experience will enable me to make a positive contribution to the ACS Canberra Branch Executive Committee.

I have previous experience volunteering for the ACT Branch of Scouts Australia as well as my local Landcare group. In what is a constantly evolving industry I’m interested in working to help ensure the ACS remains relevant to the needs of its members and on improving its profile as a recognised professional organisation.

Peter Outteridge MACS (Snr) CP

I am seeking your support to vote for me as an ordinary member of the ACS Canberra Branch Executive Committee.

If you vote for me, my undertaking is to work on behalf of all members of the Society to ensure that the events and services offered by the Canberra Branch, and the Society nationally, meet the needs of members, and are delivered as efficiently as possible. The annual conference is a flagship event that I wholeheartedly support, and I will work to ensure that this year’s conference is as successful as in previous years.

I have been a continuous member of the ACS for several decades and have recently served on the Canberra BEC as treasurer. I have previously worked as the local branch manager, coordinated the annual conference, and served as a mentor to younger members of the Society. This experience will help me to rapidly become involved in the BEC, and to work effectively on behalf of members.

Anant Vima MACS CT

This gives me a sense of satisfaction and happiness that I am actively involved in the activities and programs of ACS since 2011. I joined ACS Canberra Branch Executive Committee in 2011 and served on various roles like Young IT Representative, ACT Women Representative and Secretary. My core intension in all these positions was to support our members in realising their professional ambitions and help them in achieving it. It is important to mention that my involvement in ACS activities and programs have not only given me the opportunity to work for the IT community but also contributed in my professional and personal development.

In 2009, the Australian National University (ANU) awarded me the degree of Master of Business Information Systems and now I am pursuing my MPhil in the area of Cyber Security (Darknet), from the same institution.  Since 2008, I have worked on different positions in ANU such as Project Manager, Business Analyst, ICT Trainer and Technology Advisor. Currently, I am working as an Experienced Analyst in Deloitte and aspiring to utilise my experience to develop suitable ACS programs and activities for the IT professionals in professional services.

Tom Worthington FACS CP

Tom Worthington, runs his own consulting company and is an Adjunct Lecturer at the Australian National University, where he teaches Green IT and the ethics of cyber-warfare. He was previously a senior IT policy advisor at the Department of Defence. In 2015 he received a national gold "Digital Disruptors" Award for ICT Education and in 2010 was Canberra ICT Educator of the Year.

Tom is co-chair of the ACS Canberra E-learning Special Interest Group. In 1999 he was elected a Fellow of the Australian Computer Society for his contribution to the development of the public Internet policy. He has previously served as a committee member of the ACS Canberra Branch and as Branch Chair, as well as being a Past President, Honorary Life Member and Certified Professional Member of ACS. Tom blogs as the