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“ACS is the first step towards building your professional career in IT” – Alice Muy

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Alice Ly Muy is currently in her final year of study at Swinburne University doing a Bachelor of Business Information Systems. Alice is an active member of ACS, also making a her contribution to the ACS Victoria Young IT Special Interest Group (SIG).

Alice Muy
Where are you hoping to be once you have completed your studies?

Once I have successfully completed my studies, I would like to secure a Business Analyst role in the Australia’s leading ICT firms such as PwC, Deloitte, IBM, Telstra, Accenture.

What are your long-term career aspirations?
I would like to develop my skills and progress over the years to become a Board of Director of a committee. I also hope to start up an e-commerce and business technology-consulting firm.

Are you a part of any relevant groups/student associations or other volunteer groups?
As a proud member of ACS, I am currently serving on the Young IT SIG committee and as ACS Student Ambassador with Swinburne University. Furthermore, I also take an active role in:

*    Swinburne Student Amenities Association(SSAA)
*    Swinburne Student Union (SSU)
*    Business Without Border (BWB)
*    Technology Without Border (TWB)
*    Junior Chamber International (JCI)

Have you had any work experience? If so, where and what did it involve?
As my background is in business, I previously worked as a Market and Public Relations officer in a media company, as well as pursuing a Logistics officer role in the tourism industry. In addition, I volunteer as a web developer for Business Without Border (BWB) and support computer community project for Technology Without Border (TWB).

What attracted you to ACS Ambassador role?
At Swinburne University, I actively engage with the student IT community. I see being an ACS Student Ambassador as a valuable opportunity to connect education to industry and learn a great set of leadership skills along the way. I am looking forward to motivating my peers at Swinburne to follow my involvement in ACS, who provide a platform to better understand and prepare for the ‘real world’ and meet like-minded IT professionals.

More importantly, it has been my aspiration to bridge the gaps between students and professionals, particularly the women in ICT involvement.  I hope that in my role, I too can play a part in advocating the significance of women in ICT.

What do you like to do in your spare time? (Home/personal background/other interests)
In my spare time, I’m involved in a number of social and sports clubs at Swinburne. I also enjoy doing things for self-development by learning new skills such as cooking, hairdressing, floristry, and interior and architectural design. Moreover, I love to travel and explore the new places for digital photography and watching AFL!

Why would you encourage other students and graduates to become more involved in ACS?
The ACS is the first step towards building your professional career in IT, because it provides more than just theory that students learn by the book while studying. By exploring and staying connected with the industry through the variety of networking events, workshops, conferences and resources offered by the ACS, students are given the opportunity to develop their skills set and meet prospective employers along the way!