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#TechDiversity launched to build awareness, drive change and take action

Thursday, 12 May 2016

On Monday 9 May, we saw the launch of #TechDiversity, bringing together industry organisations, government agencies, and businesses with an overall aim to increase the participation of women and raise the profile of technology diversity.

As it is recognised that this space requires attention and elevation, a leadership team consisting of 13 representatives from all walks of the industry, have united to help #TechDiversity achieve its vision. A number of events and activities have been planned for the #TechDiversity community and will take place to recognise and attract women in technology including a recognition and awards program.

“ACS Victoria is excited and looking forward to helping raise the profile of technology diversity in Victoria, in collaboration with other industry organisations and businesses” said Craig Horne, Chair of ACS Victoria. Other industry associations involved include the Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA), Females in IT and Telecommunications, Vic ICT for Women, and Seniorpreneurs. Businesses that will be representing the leadership team are Mia, Artesian Venture Partners, Method9, Optus and Nexec Leaders.

“ACS Victoria argues that there needs to be a fundamental and urgent change to the cultural mindset and attitudes to women and minorities in the workforce. This requires genuine, committed, outcome-focused leadership”, explained Craig.

To get involved or express interest in #TechDiversity, including the rewards and recognition program, please contact Michelle Bourke at