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ACS Canberra - Ongoing 50th anniversary membership recognition (May)

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

The 50th Anniversary celebrations continue with exciting events and membership recognitions. For upcoming events, please refer to right side of this page or click here.

This month, it is with pleasure that we recognise some of our long standing (and still active) members of ACS Canberra (continued) :

Member NameJoined DateNo. of years membership Member NameJoined DateNo. of years membership
Donald Fitzgerald198531 Andrew Peyton198630
James Thom198531 Arthur Palmer198630
Shirley Gregor198531 Geoffrey Stafford198630
John  Chan198531 Ken Moylan198630
Michael Chen198531 Anne Fuchs198729
David Griffiths198531 Eric Davis198828
David Walker198531 Diane  Devereaux198828
Christopher  Hillman198531 Honza Mikula198828
Bruce Kruttschnitt198531 Douglas  Lean198828
Craig McDonald198630 Martha Woon198927
David Bryant198630 Stephen Pickard198927
Christopher Hubble198630 Anthony Cheng198927