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Meet Jonathan Villegas, one of ACS Victoria’s Student Ambassadors

Tuesday, 26 Apr 2016

Jonathan Villegas is currently studying a Master of Information Systems at The University of Melbourne. This year, Jonathan will be an ACS student ambassador at The University of Melbourne. Jonathan will provide us with valuable input from Melbourne University IT students. 

Jonathan Villegas
After completing your studies, where are you hoping to be?

I would like to be working here in Australia in a position related to Technology Consultancy, Project Management or Service Management. It doesn’t matter what type of company or industry, just so long as it is IT related, these are the roles that attract me very much.

What are your long term career aspirations?
I would like to work for some years in the IT industry, undertaking different roles that would allow me to learn more on how to effectively apply technology to solve problems. Eventually, I would consider creating my own business, although this is something I see far in the future at this stage.

Are you a part of any relevant groups/student associations or other volunteer groups?
I’m currently the Education Officer for the ‘Computing and Information Systems Student Association’ (CISSA) of the University of Melbourne. Also, a proud member of ACS and a volunteer as an ACS Student Ambassador with Melbourne University.

Have you had any work experience? If so, where and what did it involve?
Yes, I worked close to 3 years at IBM México as a QA & Performance Engineer, undertaking the team leadership of the QA team for the last year. This was part of a project related to Tape virtualization storage. Furthermore, I volunteered as Project Manager for extracurricular projects and activities within the organisation, as well as performing as ‘client advocate’ working closely with global clients to resolve various issues and questions they may have regarding our solution.

What attracted you to the ACS Ambassador role?
The opportunity to share with current students the offers and advantages of joining ACS from an early career stage, in order for them to be better prepared to confront ‘real life’ after studies.

What do you like to do in your spare time? (Home/personal background/other interests)
I have been reading many books lately, such as novels and ‘futuristic’. I found that activities allowing me to have a break from my studies and activities that require my attention. Also, I enjoy hanging out with my friends, going into the city to walk around and socialise.

Why would you encourage other students and graduates to become more involved in ACS?
As many of the students do not have work experience, by joining ACS they can be exposed to and learn from professionals that are in the front line of the industry. The wide variety of networking events, workshops, conferences and resources offered by the ACS is an excellent opportunity for them to further strengthen their skills, both soft and technical. This will help them be in a more competitive position to apply for jobs, even before they finish their studies.

Are you interested in becoming a student ambassador? We are looking for representatives from both La Trobe University and Deakin University to play an active role in our profession, drive innovation and enhance the reputation of ICT. For more information or to express your interest, please contact [email protected].