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Branch Forum EdXN - Utilising Analytics: The Powerful New Insights that are Bringing Digitisation to Life - Monday 30 May

Tuesday, 26 Apr 2016

For decades, Australia has been transforming towards a services dominated economy and our services economy is increasingly digital, online and driven by data. In all sectors, services are increasingly created, delivered and consumed via digital means driven by the increasing adoption of online, mobile, digital technologies. Recent years have witnessed dramatic changes in the way we consume music, watch movies, book holidays or choose hotels. Whilst less obvious to the average consumer, there are dramatic changes underway in all industry sectors, and in government, driven by changing consumer expectation, reduced barriers to new entrants and an increasingly borderless world of information flow.

By sharing specific examples of how organisations are utilising analytics, Dr Ian Oppermann will outline the pratcical ways that digitisation is being brought to life with new and powerful insights. 

Registration for this event has now closed.