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Pawsey Friends Big Data Week is seeking data science professionals, academics and innovators to be part of FutureLab on May 6

Thursday, 21 Apr 2016

Seeking expressions of interest from data science professionals, academics and innovators to participate in a brainstorming workshop to help identify innovative solutions to pressing issues facing Western Australia in the area of Big Data.
As part of Perth Big Data Week, a big festival of Big Data events, Woodside will be hosting a Future Lab Exchange event on Friday May 6th.

Woodside is proudly hosting a FutureLab Exchange event, which will see representatives from government, universities and industry brainstorm ideas on how data analytics can play a role in solving issues facing Western Australia.  

Teams will work together on issues across a range of areas such as regional development, emergency services, educational institutes, and electoral enrolment. The focus will be on unlocking innovative solutions using Big Data and through collaborative brainstorming, we hope to identify new opportunities and solutions that would not otherwise be discovered.

Participants will be grouped into teams consisting of government agency representatives (the problem owners), academia, industry contributors and innovators. The event will be hosted on the FutureLab Exchange web application, which is a collaborative tool used to facilitate the communication of ideas.
At the conclusion of the event, a judging panel will select a winning problem based on the identified potential solutions, which will then have the opportunity to be explored in depth through a Woodside FutureLab-hosted DataHack later in the year. Teams of data scientists and subject matter experts will be brought together to help identify and create solutions to the selected problem.
Pre-read material detailing the participating government agencies and the nature of the problems being addressed will be circulated to participants prior to the event.
Expressions of Interest

If you would like to be a part of the Woodside FutureLab Exchange, please complete the Registration Details below and email to [email protected] by Thursday, 21 April 2016.

SUBJECT: Big Data Week FutureLab Exchange – Expression of interest
Participant Name:
Area(s) of Expertise:      
Contact No.:                   
Interested parties will be contacted to confirm selection for the event by Monday, 25 April 2016. For any queries, please contact Kerryn Batsioudis (Woodside FutureLab contact) on (08) 9348 6402.
Further Information on Woodside FutureLab Exchange Woodside’s FutureLab Program is based on the belief that collaborative innovation is the key to future growth. Woodside has established collaborations through the Woodside FutureLab initiative, enabling the company to collectively share challenges and work together with academics, researchers and entrepreneurs to develop innovative solutions.  

Woodside believes that collaboration is an essential element in the fast-paced data science industry, as no single company can cover all cutting edge developments. Through collaboration with the local community, there is an opportunity to foster a world-class ecosystem of digital innovation in Western Australia.

Late last year, Woodside’s Data Science team ran a DataHack with the Fiona Wood Foundation. DataHack was a one-day volunteering event that encouraged collaboration and creativity through data science and technology. Alongside Woodside’s data science collaborators Accenture, IBM andOptika Solutions, about 40 of Woodside’s people volunteered their experience and knowledge in data analytics to analyse over a decade’s worth of burns patient data to assist with developing actionable insights that could be used to improve the lives of burn survivors. The teams delivered several valuable insights and potential applications that the Fiona Wood Foundation are now progressing.

Additional information on FutureLab and the Fiona Wood Foundation DataHack can be found at:

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