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Only days left to be at SomethingTech

Queensland’s leading emerging technology festival opens next week

21 October 2021


Something Tech., the showcase for emerging technology companies, opens next week in Brisbane with a stunning line up of speakers, presentations, and networking events. Final tickets for the event are selling fast.

The event puts a spotlight on Queensland and Australian companies developing the technologies that shape how we live, work and play, complimented by international speakers from TikTok, Google and AWS as well as industry leaders.

Featuring 57 international and Australian speakers along with the best of Queensland’s emerging technology community, Something Tech. brings together some of the nation’s top tech leaders.

The two-day event at Brisbane’s Howard Smith Wharves on October 27 and 28, is part of Something Fest. Queensland’s Digital, Innovation and Technology festival. The week long festival will conclude with the finale presentation of River Rival where 8 Queensland entrepreneurs will present for best product and business to a panel of judges, including Shark Tanks Steve Baxter.

River City Labs general manager, Pauline Fetaui, said: “Something Tech. is in its first year.  The theme sets the tone for what we are experiencing in the world and in technology right now.  ‘People, Planet and Platforms bite back'. Our world has experienced continuous challenges, technology helps shape and create opportunity of how we evolve and show up.  The exciting and consciously designed lineup of speakers showcase some of Australia’s most exciting technology entrepreneurs, and industry leaders who are working on these opportunities and delivering right now.

“With international guests from companies like TikTok, Google and some exciting global entrepreneurs, we know this will be a catalyst of new relationships and creating new opportunities for Australia’s emerging technology industry.”

Speakers and events include the following:

·       Alex Rankin, TikTok Head of Product

·       Dr Lutza Ireland, founder of Matrix Design+Health

·       Jim Hogan, Google Cloud Vice President and Chief Innovation Evangelist

·       Global entrepreneur Mr. William ‘Bill’ Allen

·       60 companies exhibiting at the trade show

·       Finale River Rival event featuring 8 Companies will be presenting to win the best of the best in product and business.

Siobhan Casey, ACS Head of Innovation, added: “Something Tech. in Brisbane next week shows how the Australian innovation and startup ecosystem is far bigger than just inner Sydney and Melbourne, there are entrepreneurs across the nation and opportunities in every state.

“By bringing in some global leaders, we can showcase the great work being done in Queensland and give inspiration to founders wherever they are in Australia.”

Something Tech. tickets and the program are available at Something Tech.’s website at



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Director of Corporate Affairs and Public Policy

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