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ACS Members vote to overhaul governance

Australian Computer Society to become Company Limited by Guarantee

Friday 25 October 2019: ACS, the association for Australia’s technology profession, is set to become a Company Limited by Guarantee following the outcome of a Special General Meeting held earlier today.

The change, approved by 75.1% of eligible voting members, will see the ACS change its name to the 'Australian Computer Society Limited' and replace the existing Rules and Objects of the Society with a new Constitution under the Corporations act.

ACS President Yohan Ramasundara commented on the decision, saying: “Today’s meeting is a strong mandate that we are heading in the right direction.  I am truly humbled by the support ACS members have shown throughout this process.  It is a real privilege to lead ACS at this historical moment in time.”

“I want to assure all members that our DNA won’t change as a result of this decision,” Mr Ramasundara continued.

“ACS remains a not for profit membership based professional body, our core focus is on professional standards setting through the development and maintenance of core bodies of knowledge, certification and accreditation programs, and professional education. 

“Professionalism is enshrined into the new constitution by ensuring only members of the ACS Professional Group are eligible for consideration on the future Board of Directors, and that our membership in the governance model is limited to individuals only rather than companies.”

Since being founded in 1967, the ACS has been an incorporated association in the Australian Capital Territory. In 2017 the ACS laid out its five-year Strategic Plan focusing on boosting the profession’s capacity and capability while positioning ACS as a catalyst for sparking innovation.

Following the release of the Strategic Plan, the ACS consulted with almost 200 elected members on the suitability and limitations of its existing association-based governance model. After the review, the ACS National Congress unanimously recommended at its December 2018 meeting for the society to migrate to a Company Limited by Guarantee while maintaining its not for profit status. Today’s Special General Meeting was scheduled to consider that recommendation.





Further information

Troy Steer
Director of Corporate Affairs and Public Policy
M – 0417 173 740
E – [email protected]


About ACS

ACS is the professional association for Australia's Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector. More than 45,000 ACS members work in business, education, government and the community. ACS exists to create the environment and provide the opportunities for members and partners to succeed. ACS strives for ICT professionals to be recognised as drivers of innovation in our society, relevant across all sectors, and to promote the formulation of effective policies on ICT and related matters. Visit for more information.