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ACS Mentoring Program


The ACS supports the mentoring relationship through the provision of this program as a means to support entry, retention and progression of future ICT Leaders and Professional Specialists.
The mentoring program is a structured program which will allow ACS Mentors to provide the benefit of their professional and real world experience to Mentees, for instance MACS CP’s working with members who are Associates to becoming MACS CP.

What is Mentoring?

Mentoring is a powerful and popular method for people to learn a variety of personal and professional skills. The name Mentor is now synonymous with a ‘wise and trusted advisor’.
Mentors can be friends, relatives, co-workers or anyone who has a significant and positive impact on us. Most often a Mentor is someone who has experience, skills or knowledge and brings this to the relationship to act as a role model, coach, guide or challenger.
In a Mentoring relationship the Mentor acts as a navigator helping the Mentee to chart their course to a desired destination and encourages personal reflection along the way.

The ACS Mentoring Program

The ACS Mentoring Program is designed to bring industry leaders, experts and pioneers together with future leaders, industry advisers, and ICT professionals who have just started their careers. The program shall allow fresh ICT participants to link together with people who have already achieved their goals. By harnessing the Mentor/Mentee relationship, our Mentors can be rewarded by helping bright minds make it in the industry. Although the ‘ACS Mentoring Program’ only runs for 6 months, Mentors and Mentees should be encouraged to continue their relationship into the future.

ACS Mentoring Program Objectives

The objectives of the ACS Mentoring program are to:

  • Provide additional value to members
  • Support, retain and progress future ICT leaders
  • Provide a structured approach to support the professional development of ACS members
  • Empower younger and less experienced ACS members in their ICT careers
  • Build confidence and enhance self-esteem of ACS members
  • Facilitate network building
  • Focus on the provision of learning opportunities
  • Help members develop skill sets that are transferable across a range of industry sectors
  • Provide an altruistic opportunity for senior members to pass on advice from their experience and knowledge

Getting Started

To apply for the position as Mentor or Mentee - download and return the appropriate form with a copy of your resume to [email protected]

Form A: ACS Mentoring Program – Mentor Application Form
Form B: ACS Mentoring Program – Mentee Application Form
Form C: ACS Mentoring Program – Mentor and Mentee Agreement Form
Form D: ACS Mentoring Program – Mentoring Program Action Plan