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Techniques in Data Matching and Contextual Search

ACS & DAMA Joint event

Registration End Date: Tue, 19 Sep, 02:00 PM

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  • National Press Club
    16 National Circuit
    Barton ACT 2601
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  • Event Start: Tue, 19 Sep, 05:00 PM
    Event Finish: Tue, 19 Sep, 07:30 PM
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Registration from 5pm, Presentation at 5:30, Networking canapes and drinks from 6:30.<br><br>Data is never as clean and accurate as we might wish. That&#39;s not always because of data management errors. The data may have been recorded accurately from an unreliable source, or represent one of the several ways to record the same facts (variable spelling, abbreviations or alternate place names or address formats), or have an intrinsic uncertainty, e.g. the estimated age of a person.<br>When we want to search, or have more than one data source that we must harmonise, we cannot expect that all values will match exactly. We must draw on a range of techniques for approximate matching, and may need the additional validation of each match by the use of contextual data.<br><br>This presentation covers the main techniques used in handling uncertainty in search and data matching. Techniques from large-scale batch data matching cover pre-processing, indexing, comparison and classification. Searching also needs to rank results from approximate matching, partial matching, and from a contextual search that spans both direct and indirectly related data. Data relationships must be conformed around the main subjects of inquiry; Person, Location, Case, etc.<br><br>The techniques are those investigated in Factil&#39;s Feasibility Study for the BRII national child safety data sharing project. 


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Clifford Heath

Clifford Heath

Clifford Heath is a software innovator, toolmaker, product architect and designer. Clifford is a masters level CDMP, an expert in Fact-Based Modeling participating in the Working Group for standardisation, and is the inventor of the Constellation Query Language. Clifford has applied Fact-Based Modeling to a wide range of large-systems development and data integration projects that have all contributed to the breadth of his approach.

He has published and regularly presents at local and international scientific and data conferences, workshops and events.

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16 National Circuit,Barton,ACT,Australia

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