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The kind of programmer Quantum Computing Demands now & into the future

with Prof David Reilly, David Reilly (Director Microsoft's Station Q and The University of Sydney)

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It is now well-established that for certain kinds of problems, the computational resources needed by a quantum machine scale more efficiently than the classical, digital computers we use today. <br><br>Constructing a quantum machine, however, represents a daunting technological challenge akin to the space race. Meeting this challenge will require a new breed of mathematician, scientist, engineer, and programmer that can cross disciplinary boundaries and bind together knowledge from traditionally separate fields. <br><br>This seminar will describe some of the challenges for advancing the field of quantum technology today and outline the skills needed to start the quantum economy of tomorrow.<br><br>Take homes:<br><br>1. Quantum machines are too complex to control with humans. Machine learning will be an essential approach to tackling the complexity.<br><br>2. The usual engineering methodologies of abstraction -regarding a sub-system as a black box- are vastly different for quantum technology. <br><br>3. Despite early efforts, quantum software is very much in its infancy. Opportunities exist to get in at the ground floor and be part of the quantum revolution.

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Keynote Speaker

David Reilly

David Reilly

Professor David J. Reilly holds a joint position with Microsoft Corporation and the University of Sydney, where he is the Principal Researcher and Director of Microsoft Station Q, Sydney, a Chief Investigator in the ARC Centre of Excellence, Engineered Quantum Systems (EQuS), and a Professor in the School of Physics.The focus of much of Reilly’s work is at the Quantum classical interface and the scale-up of quantum technology. As a leader in Microsoft’squantum effort he bridges the gap between fundamental quantum physics and the engineering approaches need to scale quantum devices into quantum machines.He is alsointerested in applying quantum tech in biomedicine, pioneering new approaches to magneticresonance imaging using nanodiamonds. Prior to joining the University of Sydney, Reilly was a postdoctoral Fellow at Harvard University (USA) and has held a Fellowship from Hewlett-Packard.Born in Sydney Australia, he hold degrees from UNSW (Ph.D) and UTS (B.App.Science Hons-1).

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