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Meet Up - So you want to make games for a living?

Join David Kidd, Co-Founder of Australian indie game developer Screwfly Studios, who has fought the hard fight and built a successful indie game development studio, selling over a hundred thousand games worldwide, including through Steam.

Registration End Date: Wed, 29 Nov, 03:00 PM

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  • WeWork - Level 13
    333 George Street
    Sydney NSW 2000
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  • Event Start: Thu, 30 Nov, 06:00 PM
    Event Finish: Thu, 30 Nov, 07:30 PM
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Hear from David about his experiences, what works and what doesn&#39;t, and the straight dope on what it takes to make it in the competitive game development industry with a small team -- or, in his own words: &quot;Everyone has advice for indies, but for us, it was mostly irrelevant, trivial or flat-out wrong. After 6 years, here&#39;s the advice we wish received.&quot;<br> <br>David will cover key elements of indie game design including:<br> <br>- Where ideas come from, and why you can&#39;t do everything yourself<br>- Deciphering player feedback, and why your game is already too complex<br>- Beyond the basics, marketing is just pseudoscience<br>- You will grow to hate your game, you will be amazed that people love it<br>- Dealing with success and failure<br> <br>As well as:<br> <br>- Technology; Business structure; Stores, pricing and discounts<br>- Rise and fall of bundles, stats and numbers<br>- Reviewers, journalists and YouTube<br>- The future with F2P, loot boxes, the &#39;Bliss Point&#39;, VR and AR<br>- The current indie scene in 2017<br>- How to get started<br> <br>This is followed by a Q&amp;A where you can ask all the hard questions to realise your dreams of game development.<br> <br>Pizza, drinks, and your fellow like-minded game and developer inspired companions are provided.<br> <br>See you there!<br><br><img alt="User-added image" src=";oid=00D90000000o5NE&amp;lastMod=1503020171000"></img>


 06:00 PM - 06:30 PM  Registration & Pizza                          
 06:30 PM - 07:30 PM  Presentation                          

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Programming/software development (PROG) - 5


David Kidd

David Kidd

David is a game developer and co-founder of Screwfly Studios. He has developed four commercial titles and sold over a hundred thousand games worldwide.

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333 George Street,Sydney,NSW,Australia