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SPLUNK Masterclass: Machine Learning - The next big thing in big data

Held prior to the ACS WA State Conference 2018.

Registration End Date: Fri, 01 Jun, 09:00 AM

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  • Pan Pacific Perth
    207 Adelaide Terrace
    PERTH WA 6000
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  • Event Start: Fri, 01 Jun, 09:00 AM
    Event Finish: Fri, 01 Jun, 11:45 AM
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<img alt="Class" src=";oid=00D90000000o5NE&amp;lastMod=1517212485000"></img><br><br><b>Machine learning</b> has the potential to radically transform our daily lives. Whether you are trying to predict how likely someone is to purchase a product, or determine when a cellular network will go down, machine learning can deliver predictive analytics based on the patterns seen in machine data.<br> <br>Predictive analytics can be used across organizations to optimize IT operations, security, and business processes and to detect and anticipate incidents, reduce resolution times and prevent undesired outcomes.<br> <br><b>Big Data Is Fuelling the Machine Learning Trend</b><br>Machine learning relies on a broad data collection strategy across data stores, cloud and hybrid environments. When you enrich machine data with structured business data and apply machine learning to it, you gain the power to predict and respond to business events in real time.<br> <br><b>This masterclass aims to:</b> <ul><li>Introduce you to the Splunk machine data platform</li><li>Introduce you to basic searching, creating reports and dashboards</li><li>Introduce the Machine Learning Toolkit</li><li>Walk you through a number of examples and use-cases based on some sample data sets.</li></ul> This will be a hands-on exercise and will require you to come along with a laptop. You will need to install Splunk from here <a href="" target="_blank"></a> prior to the session.


 09:00 AM - 09:30 AM  Registration                          
 09:30 AM - 10:30 AM  Commencement                          
 10:30 AM - 10:45 AM  Morning Tea Break                          
 10:45 AM - 11:45 AM  Session resumes & concludes                          

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Professional development (PDSV) -> Level 5


Dudley Over

Dudley Over

Dudley Over is a Senior Partner Sales Engineer at Splunk and has been with the organisation for 1 year. Dudley has a strong track record in presales consulting and management and has worked in a broad cross section of industry verticals. He is highly experienced working with large enterprises as well as with channel partners, resellers and distributors across the globe.

Prior to joining Splunk, Dudley had a long career working with data centre technologies and business intelligence.

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207 Adelaide Terrace,PERTH,WA,Australia