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ACS Tech: Reasons To Talk, Use and Implement Blockchain

On this Talk, we will cover what are the reasons where we are talking about Blockchain. How those talks convert to the use cases, and then technologies available to implement those use cases.

Registration End Date: Thu, 19 Sep, 10:51 AM

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  • RCL, The Precinct, TC Beirne Building
    Level 3/ 315 Brunswick St
    Fortitude Valley QLD 4000
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  • Event Start: Thu, 19 Sep, 05:30 PM
    Event Finish: Thu, 19 Sep, 07:30 PM
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<span style="font-size: 10.0pt;"><span style="">Due to the Immense up-gradation of IT Technologies, and nearly 100 percent penetration of Internet and Mobile Devices made the world aware of its positivity and the way It changes the life. <br><br>Trust always the core factor of human life since as long as we can look back, and In recent involvement of Internet and Mobile Devices created solid positivity with Trust across geographical continents. Such Involvement of Technologies made people aware of what more the related technology can solve and trust was one of the key areas where such technologies are based on e.g. All finance business in the hands of technology.<br><br>We aren&#39;t stopped here, thousands of use cases we have where we need Innovation and help from the Internet and Mobile Devices, and solve problems which involve distributed trust.<br><br><br>Every day we are researching to find the origins, freshness, and quality of fruits or to find the trust behind the construction materials used in a building or verifying certificates by going through a series of steps to make sure we are doing the right thing or the diamonds we have in my ring that isn&#39;t a bloody diamond. <br><br>Blockchain is based on highly trusted and verified technologies, Its a composition of various already proven technologies which we are using every second and everywhere e.g. TCP/IP, Networks, Cloud, Public-Private Key Infrastructure. Now such technologies packed nicely in the form of Hyperledger Fabric (from Linux Foundation), Corda, Ethreum to Implement like needed use cases and solve distributed trust-related problems.</span></span><br><br> 

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Emerging technology monitoring (EMRG) - 4


Kirandas Sivadasan

Kirandas Sivadasan


Sumit Arora

Sumit Arora

Level 3/ 315 Brunswick St,Fortitude Valley,QLD,Australia

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