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The Changing Nature og Cyber Warfare

Cyber Warfare: From Conventional through the Grey Zone to Hybrid Warfare. Countering the emerging threat though Threat Informed Resilience

Event Start: Wed 29 Nov 12:00 PM
Event Finish: Wed 29 Nov 01:30 PM


Registration End Date: Tue 28 Nov 10:32 AM

This presentation aims to explore the emergence of cyber warfare to its current prevalence, taking into account well known state based grey zone activity such as espionage, through to the deployment of destructive cyber warfare capabilities such as wiper malware.<br> <br>Glenn will commence by providing an overview of cyber warfare, articulating the strategic fit in current definitions. This overview will define the largely agreed definitions and scope of conventional warfare, grey zone warfare and hybrid warfare. To fully articulate the scope, we will discuss the major activities that may be engaged within these definitions, such as conventional kinetic strikes, mis/disinformation, political and economic coercion, propaganda, and espionage through to deployment of destructive cyber weapons.<br> <br>Glenn will also describe the relative advantages of cyber warfare to the attacker, from the difficulty of attribution, geographic advantages; as well as other less considered benefits like cost and return on investment.<br> <br>We will then explore anecdotal case studies highlighting the integration of cyber warfare into hybrid operations, including the use of cyber tools for intelligence gathering, deception, and coordination of kinetic attacks. Glenn will illustrate known examples of hybrid warfare, starting with NotPetya in 2017, through to the current impact of wiper malware like HermeticWiper in 2022. The discussion will examine examples of hybrid warfare activity: including network intrusions, denial-of-service attacks, and data manipulation.<br> <br>This analysis will be based upon both Open-Source Intelligence and data from FortiGuard Labs telemetry – which clearly depicts the global emergence and variance of cyber warfare elements such as wiper malware.<br> <br>It is certain that most nations are already experiencing Grey Zone activity. Adversaries are exploiting the ambiguity of cyber operations, hiding within the blurred lines between state-sponsored and criminal activities.<br> <br>Grey zone activities are critical in the execution of hybrid warfare elements, as the enable the adversary to perform deep reconnaissance and intelligence gathering. The adversary will understand system architectures, structures, processes, and people within their target organisation. This gives the adversary intelligence on the attack surface and defence systems they must defeat. This activity within the grey zone also facilitates proactive prepositioning – enabling access for subsequent activity.<br> <br>Finally, the presentation will investigate the boundary and linkages between offensive activities in the perspective of a strategic, offensive cyber operation. This presentation will use the Kill Chain and MITRE ATT&amp;CK frameworks to model a hybrid warfare operation, isolate the key defensive points, propose defensive strategies, and explain the critical importance of proactive resilience.<br><br>* If you are experiencing trouble when registering please email Lauren Hall at<br><br> 


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Glenn Maiden

Glenn Maiden

Glenn has more than25 years’ experience in different roles across the technology sector with a solid background in Defence, intelligence, national security, and government affairs.

Glenn forged his cyber career in the Australian Defence Security Community. This included intelligence collection, analysis and reporting, and importantly, supporting priority Defence operations.

Key achievements:

•Established the project team that developed the World Economic Forum Centre for Cybersecurity's ground-breaking CyberCrime Atlas.
•Co-founded the $140M Australian Cybersecurity Cooperative Research Centre.
•Established the 24x7 Security Operations Centre for the $1B Lockheed Martin / Defence Centralised Processing project.
•As the IT Security Advisor to the Australian Tax Office; rewrote the enterprise cybersecurity policy, co-designed the enterprise cyber risk management framework and built Australia's largest IRAP cyber compliance team.
•As Director Geospatial Exploitation at the Australian Geospatial Intelligence Organisation, led Australia's first human terrain intelligence collection and analysis in Afghanistan.
•Worked and learned alongside the best in the world at the Australian Signals Directorate. 

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48-50 Smith Street,Darwin,NT,Australia

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  • Darwin Innovation HUB
    48-50 Smith Street
    Darwin NT 0800
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  • Event Start: Wed 29 Nov 12:00 PM
    Event Finish: Wed 29 Nov 01:30 PM
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