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ACS Industry Insight Leaders Series: Using Data to build your business

During this online event, Wayne Baskin, Chief Technology Officer of Booktopia will present the journey of a $130 million online business, using data and focusing on customers.

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Wed, 08 Jul, 02:00 PM

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    Thu, 09 Jul, 05:30 PM

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    Thu, 09 Jul, 06:30 PM
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<p>Wayne Baskin started as Booktopia&#39;s first developer in 2008. In his 5 years, he built the company&#39;s bespoke website, their custom Warehouse Management System. He will share Booktopia’s digital evolution and business success, driven by a customer-centric ethic:</p> <ul><li>Meeting customers’ needs through establishing a culture of experimentation whereby everyone in the organisation understands that data is key.</li><li>Leveraging technology which analysis customer behaviour and allows your business to adapt accordingly.</li><li>Changing your relationship with your customers through automation and efficiency.</li></ul> Join us at this upcoming ACS Industry Insight Leaders Series event on <b>Thursday 9 July, </b>where our speaker Wayne Baskin, will talk on the tricks of building a high converting ecommerce business and his learnings has Booktopia&#39;s head of Operations, Technology and Strategy.  <p><br><img alt="User-added image" src=";oid=00D90000000o5NE&amp;lastMod=1591778125000"></img><br><br><b>Notice for ACS Professional Year Students</b><br>When attending virtual events, in order to claim and qualify for the required CPD hours, Professional Year students need to attend the online event in its entirety which will be tracked by the ACS events team.<br><br>If a cloaking software program is used when connecting to an online event, your attendance cannot be recorded and CPD hours cannot be allocated. This does not include the use of VPN.<br><br><u><b>Please allow up to 2 weeks for CPD hours to be allocated to your membership profile.</b></u><br><br><i>For the sole purpose of registering you for this event, your registration details have been shared with Redback conferencing. Please refer to the Redback Data Policy at for confirmation that the data will not be used for any other purpose outside of this webinar.</i></p>

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Wayne Baskin

Wayne Baskin

Wayne Baskin started as Booktopia’s first developer in 2008, having spent 4 years at GE Commercial Finance. In his first 5 years he built the companies bespoke website, their custom Warehouse Management System and was responsible for the implementation of the business’s pricing and inventory algorithms.Today in his position as Deputy CEO, Wayne is responsible for the overall business strategy, vision and customer experience while also overseeing logistics and the businesses pricing and inventory strategy.In his role as Chief Technology Officer, Wayne oversees all R&D for both Booktopia and Angus & Robertson which includes all system development and the business’s integrations into external systems and third-party channels.In 2017 and 2018, Wayne was a finalist for the Online Retail Industry Recognition Award, taking out the award in 2019. He has also been named in Inside Retail’s Top 50 People in E-Commerce for four years, in 2018 being awarded Number 8 on the list, as well as being a finalist for the BRW’s Best Rising Star Award.Wayne sits on the board of Booktopia, is an advisor to a number of other businesses and is a Director of Car Next Door.

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ACS Industry Insight Leaders Series: Using Data to build your business