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ACS Webinar: AI Assistants

How to take your business to the next level

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Mon, 24 Feb, 05:00 PM

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    Thu, 27 Feb, 01:00 PM

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    Thu, 27 Feb, 02:00 PM
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Artificially Intelligent Virtual assistants have made their way into a multitude of use cases in the customer service and automation domains. <br><br>With over 50% of Customer Service Departments lacking the technology to provide automated personalised responses, those who have made their forays into this technology are reaping the rewards.<br> <br><b>In this session we will delve into:</b> <ol><li>What is working in the world of conversational assistants?</li><li>How are the use cases shaping up and how successful are they really?</li><li>Live chat meets automation or automation meets live chat?</li><li>Scaling, Content Management and test automation for NLP. </li><li>Being Data ready for Virtual Assistants.</li><li>The realities (or not) of automated learning in Virtual Assistants.</li><li>Approaching conversation design/ UX</li><li>How can you get started? (customers, partners, AI practices)</li></ol>

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Technical specialism (TECH) - 5


Lisa Bouari

Lisa Bouari

Lisa Bouari is an Executive Director and Owner of OutThought, a company that delivers AI Assistants and natural language processing-based systems to clients in the commercial and public sectors.

With over 15 years of experience in the design and execution of machine learning, business analytics, and cognitive computing solutions, she has been twice awarded Architect of the year in Asia Pacific by IBM for outstanding achievements and was most recently awarded ARN 2018 Women in ICT Innovator of the year.

As a regular advisor to the C-Suite, Technology Panellist and Conference Chair, her company was recently shortlisted for the 2018 CIO Magazine Top 10 AI Technology Solution Providers. Lisa is passionate and real when it comes to whats possible (and whats not) with AI and enjoys learning from the successes and failures that these new, often overhyped technologies bring to the market.

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ACS Webinar: AI Assistants

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