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ACS WA Diversity & Inclusion April Event

How to submit a Conference Proposal and Prepare a Talk

Registration End Date: Tue, 02 Apr, 05:15 PM

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  • Microsoft
    Level 10, 100 St Georges Tce
    PERTH WA 6000
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  • Event Start: Tue, 02 Apr, 05:15 PM
    Event Finish: Tue, 02 Apr, 07:30 PM
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<b><img alt="Conference" src=";oid=00D90000000o5NE&amp;lastMod=1552881814000"></img></b><br><br><b>Watch out, it&#39;s conference season!</b><br><br>Have you ever thought about what goes into a conference submission? Maybe you&#39;ve been thinking about how cool it would be to submit to conferences around the world and jetset off into the sunset?!<br> <br>Conferences are intensely rewarding, for both delegates and speakers. The act of submitting and preparing a talk for a conference or meetup, be it community based meetups or large scale international events, helps you cement your knowledge in the field and hones your public speaking skills. The network of people that you suddenly have the opportunity to meet expands! You get more invitations to speak, become recognised as a leader in the field, and your contribution to the community is amplified by your new stage. Sounds amazing!<br> <br>Of course, conference speaking is also terrifying; you’re suddenly in the spotlight on a topic you know nothing about, about to be heckled by 100+ people in real life let alone the internet….and you’re on the same level as your idols, the Sarah Drasners and Martin Fowlers of the world! Sound familiar?<br> <br>Come along to our April event and discover how to make this scary jump into the unknown a supported and exciting experience.<br><br>Amy Kapernick, an international speaker currently back in Perth between engagements, will be giving you her process for creating a conference talk, from inception through to delivery. Supported by Rebecca Waters, Chair of DDD Perth, you will leave with a full toolbox to submit not only to the ACS WA conference and DDD Perth, but also YOW!, NDC Conferences and many many more.<br><br>Come discover that conference speaking isn&#39;t a faraway star, but an achievable reality.<br><br><b>About Amy</b><br>Amy is a freelance developer who has forged her own path by starting her own business at only 20 years of age. She regularly shares her knowledge with peers and the next generation of developers by mentoring, coaching, teaching and feeding into the tech community in a variety of ways including public speaking and writing blog posts. Amy can be found volunteering her time with Fenders, Node Girls, YOW! Conference and ACS.<br><br>Last year Amy started submitting to and then speaking at a variety of local, interstate and international conferences and events and has now finessed her process for generating talk ideas, writing abstracts and then submitting to events.<br><br>Most recently Amy has keynoted for the Melbourne Google Devfest conference, the ACS Diversity Dinner, spoken at NDC London and PubConf and has been accepted for NDC Minnesota next month.<br><br><b>NOTE:</b> Registration starts at 5.15PM-5.45PM for 6PM commencement.<br><br><b>The lifts require card access to level 10 after 6pm. Please aim to arrive before then.</b><br><br><br><br> 

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Professional development (PDSV) -> Level 4


Amy Kapernick

Amy Kapernick

Level 10, 100 St Georges Tce,PERTH,WA,Australia