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Diversity & Inclusion Workshop 1: Unconscious Bias

Join us for this hands on workshop surrounding why unconscious biases occur and their potential impact.

Registration End Date: Mon, 17 Jun, 02:00 PM

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  • Pearcey Room, ACS Victoria
    Level 2, 120 Clarendon St,
    Southbank VIC 3006
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  • Event Start: Mon, 17 Jun, 05:30 PM
    Event Finish: Mon, 17 Jun, 08:15 PM
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<p>ACS Workshops will facilitate learning with “key takeaways” that are “actionable”, whereby participants can take back learnings to their respective organisations and/or roles.<br><br>The workshops will be delivered by professional facilitators and will provide direct access to high quality peer networking opportunities as well as key business leaders across the ICT industry. Each participant will have the opportunity to create and develop a personal action plan throughout the series, which aims to provide participants with real, tangible outcomes to accelerate their career growth. Workshops will range from 15-25 participants at each session.<br><br>It is envisaged that members may not attend all four workshops, and therefore these have been designed with this in mind.<br><br><b><u>Workshop 1 - Unconscious Bias</u></b><br>When it comes to unconscious bias, our brain is the culprit. Our brain is amazing, but we cannot always trust it.<br><br>Unconscious bias is not deliberate or intentional. Research is proving that we are biased towards the world around us and use stereotypes all the time. Our brains are wired towards patterns and similarity, while difference is harder to accommodate.<br><br>People don’t realise that they are making unfair assumptions or stereotypes. Identifying unconscious bias is difficult because it’s usually spoken or thought, not written. The challenge is how to stop something that you can’t see or hear, especially when someone is not even aware that they’re doing it.<br><br>Through raising awareness of the presence of unconscious bias, it is more likely to be recognised and addressed, helping to create a more diverse and fair workplace. Where there is bias (conscious or unconscious) in the workplace, we continue to recruit, promote, allocate work, and manage performance with filters on our thinking. <br><br>In this workshop, we consider what constitutes unconscious bias? How does it impact you in your work place?<br><br><b>By the end of this session, you will:</b></p> <ul><li>have looked at some of the common biases and data and assessments that have been done, and the findings about how unconscious bias plays out in our workplaces and lives.</li><li>have undergone some fun challenges to see how our own brains perceive things and consider the alternatives.</li><li>have challenged yourself and the group about our own unconscious biases</li><li>have thought about how unconscious bias can impact your workplace</li><li>have considered strategies to counter unconscious bias and what a difference this will make in our workplaces.</li></ul> <p><br>Remaining workshops for 2019 are as follows;</p> <ul><li><b>Monday 12 August:</b> <a href="" target="_blank">Workshop 2 - Unlocking and Powering Inclusive Teams</a></li><li><b>Monday 7 October: </b><a href="" target="_blank">Workshop 3 - Designing Inclusive and Compelling Virtual Environments</a></li><li><b>Monday 9 December:</b> <a href="" target="_blank">Workshop 4 - Leveraging Working Styles to harmonize collaboration</a></li></ul> <p><br><b>Single workshop ticket:</b></p> <ul><li>Member - $50.00 (Inc GST)</li><li>Non-member - $75.00 (Inc GST)</li></ul> <p><b>Packaged Workshop tickets (all four sessions):</b></p> <ul><li>Member - $150.00 (Inc GST)</li><li>Non-member - $225.00 (Inc GST)</li></ul> <p>To book a workshop package, please contact T&#39;arne Whelan at <a href="mailto:[email protected]" target="_blank">[email protected]</a>.</p>


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Fiona Cowl

Fiona Cowl

Fiona is the Lead Coach in the Hudson Melbourne Office and works with clients across different sectors and role types, in career coaching programs as well as individual leadership coaching and assessment.  She also works on a number of HR consulting projects such as assessment centres, and staff development in areas including recruitment, performance and career development. Utilising appropriate tools and through targeted coaching discussions, Fiona assists leaders to identify their goals and then work towards practical, clear outcomes.

With over 20 years’ experience in providing assessment feedback and executive/leadership coaching to all levels, from the C-suite down across public and private sector, Fiona enjoys engaging with and helping people to explore their capability and potential.  With a flexible and friendly approach, Fiona has a strong understanding of the public sector, not-for-profit and the private sectors and can provide insight and appropriate strategies to support leaders to maximize their potential.

Fiona has a strong track record of success in coaching employees from all levels of organisations through redeployment processes and outplacement. She is highly skilled in assisting individuals through change, identifying their transferable skills and successfully marketing themselves into the next role 

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Level 2, 120 Clarendon St,,Southbank,VIC,Australia

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