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ACS Victoria presents the June 2019 Young Professionals Half-Day Conference

Targeted towards but not limited to students currently completing their studies, this special event will allow participants to keep abreast with their professional development through the facilitation of three separate sessions, highlighting ways in which you can stand out and succeed as a skilled professional.

Registration End Date: Wed, 26 Jun, 05:00 PM

  • where

  • Clarendon Auditorium, Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre
    2 Clarendon Street, South Wharf
    Melbourne VIC 3006
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  • Event Start: Fri, 28 Jun, 08:30 AM
    Event Finish: Fri, 28 Jun, 12:30 PM
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<p>The morning will consist of three workshops, each facilitated by a different industry professional and topic. Each session will allow participants to keep abreast with their professional development and provide further insight into what steps they can take to help build a successful career within IT.<br><br>Continued professional development can deliver a deeper understanding of what it means to be a professional, and ensures that your knowledge stays relevant and up to date within the industry. Don&#39;t miss this special event.<br><br><u><b>Session 1 - The Unconventional Path - How I fell into my career as a Business Analyst in the IT sector</b></u><br><b>Presented by Aleesha Chambers</b><br><br>Aleesha&#39;s early career aspiration was to be an Accountant. In her pursuit to achieve this, she completed a Bachelor of Commerce degree at Monash University. After completing her degree, Aleesha took on a full-time role in the Customer Service team at GS1 Australia. Focusing on business process improvement and assisting in project work in the Customer Service team opened her eyes to a whole new world beyond accounting.<br><br>Today, she works as a Digital Business Analyst in the enterprise Project Management Office within the IT team at GS1 Australia working on many of the organisation’s top transformational projects. <br><br>In 2016, she started her journey to gain formal IT-based certification, starting with ACS membership. Aleesha is now a registered PRINCE2 Practitioner, holds a certificate in Business Analysis and in January this year proudly achieved professional recognition as an ACS Certificated Technologist.  <br><br>In this presentation, Aleesha will share her journey and demonstrate that the conventional path isn’t always the only, or right, option.  She will also provide insights on how you can best navigate the workplace as a young graduate and the value of industry networking.<br><br><u><b>Session 2 - Transitioning to professional employment in the workplace of the future</b></u><br><b>Presented by Olivia Doyle</b><br><br>The employment of graduates is fundamentally critical not only to the graduate looking to secure their first full time role, but also for businesses ensuring they maintain a competitive advantage. Universities are also under increasing pressure to raise their talent pool and prepare students to be work ready. As a result, it’s important for students to be open and to prepare themselves for what their future employment may hold.<br><br>In this presentation, Swinburne’s Olivia Doyle will focus on:</p> <ul><li>Employer expectations for graduates in the age of robots, autonomous vehicles and artificial intelligence</li><li>Setting yourself up for career success in the context of new workplace</li><li>Strategies for transitioning from study into the workplace</li></ul> <p>Olivia will provide practical advice and draw upon her work supporting students into employment.<br><br><u><b>Session 3 - The Key to Effective Networking: Learning to Listen... Because it&#39;s not all about you</b></u><br><b>Presented by Amy Rashap</b><br><br>You are searching for the job of your dreams. ‘You have to network,’ your family and friends tell you. Some of you may grin with delight at the prospect; doubtless many of you may grimace in despair.<br>Networking! What does it mean? ‘Stupid question,’ you think, ‘it means I have to put myself out there, promote myself until I’m out of breath and let the world know how great I am.’<br>Well . . . no, it doesn’t. That’s what this workshop will be about.<br><br>When you network, it is up to <b>you</b> to research the various companies who are hiring in your field. It is up to you to demonstrate that it is the combination of <b>you + potential employer = benefit for employer</b>. You do not convince someone that you will add value by simply waving a CV in someone’s face or intoning your ‘elevator pitch’ in their ear. You do this by listening empathetically to create a bond between you and someone else.<br><br>People do not make decisions rationally: whether they admit it or not, hirers will develop a ‘gut feeling’ about you, and they will hire you based in part on that gut feeling. The more you can sit back, relax and ask targeted, open-ended questions, the better will be your chances of getting noticed.<br><br>In this workshop, I will give you practical tips on how to become a fantastic listener and how to use this skill while networking, whether your arena is a conference meeting room or a corporate office.<br>Think about it. How many times have you actually asked someone: ‘That’s interesting. Tell me more.’? Probably not a lot. Becoming an active, mindful listener will set you apart from the crowd. And that’s what you want.<br> </p> <p><u><b>Professional Year students - Attending the half-day conference will count for all 6 CPD hours required to complete your studies. All three sessions must be attended in order for your enrollment to be processed. <br><br>If your registration name is required to be changed, please contact ACS Victoria at [email protected]</b></u></p>


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Olivia Doyle

Olivia Doyle

Olivia is an experienced university career practitioner with a diverse background incorporating career counselling, corporate human resource management, organizational development and training, across a range of industries.  

Olivia specializes in career development and support for international students.  She has an appreciation of the challenges facing international students in finding professional employment but also recognizes their unique qualities  and the potential value they bring to Australian and international employers. 

Olivia has worked in the university sector for the past ten years and prior to this was a corporate human resource practitioner with General Motors Holden and the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, with a focus on graduate recruitment and development.  Olivia holds a range of tertiary qualifications including a Master of Career Development.  She is also a member of the Victorian Working Group on International Student Employability (VicWISE). 

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Aleesha Chambers

Aleesha Chambers

Aleesha is a Digital Business Analyst for the Project Management Office at GS1 Australia, a not-for-profit body that develops and maintains the most widely used supply chain standards globally. In Australia, there are nearly 20,000 business members using the GS1 system of standards.

Aleesha is passionate about breaking down business-technology barriers through analysis, advice and facilitation. She has led key transformational projects while at GS1 including the delivery of an online joining facility for members and the roll out of a member portal, revolutionising the customer experience and significantly improving internal processes. 

Most recently, Aleesha took part in a whole of business transformation program involving the upgrade of an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to enhance GS1’s digital capabilities.  Currently, she is tasked with global projects and internal strategic projects to improve the digital experience for employees.

Aleesha is an actively engaged member of the Australian Computer Society (ACS), the British Computer Society (BCS) and the Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM). She has also acted as a mentor for the GS1 Australia Graduate Program.

Aleesha has a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Commerce from Monash University. She is a registered PRINCE2 Practitioner, holds a BCS Foundation Certificate in Business Analysis, and has recently achieved certification as an ACS Certified Technologist.

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Amy Rashap

Amy Rashap

Amy Rashap, Ph.D. is owner of the coaching service Eloquent English ( Her tagline tells it all: “It’s your story. Get it right.” Dr Rashap has coached communication primarily to non-native English speakers, helping them refine their stories, whether that story be a job interview, annual report or business presentation.

Dr Rashap worked in Singapore for ten years, where she coached public speaking, business English and accent reduction to senior Singapore officials and business managers and executives; her clients have included Johnson & Johnson, MARIS Navigation and the Singapore Housing Board. She also taught communication at National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University (NTU), and established an English-language program at the Earth Observatory of Singapore (of NTU). Since moving to Australia, Amy has worked as a chief storyteller for Diaspora Action Australia, and has led communication workshops with the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, the Centre for Multicultural Youth and the Royal Society of Victoria (among others). Presently she is working as an international student adviser for Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne. 

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2 Clarendon Street, South Wharf,Melbourne,VIC,Australia