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ACS Tech: Enterprise Architecture + AI for government: Is it time for a shift?

This Enterprise Architecture & Strategy SIG is proudly sponsored by Synergy Group.

Registration End Date: Fri, 23 Aug, 05:00 PM

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  • Hyatt Hotel Canberra. Assembly Room
    120 Commonwealth Avenue
    Canberra ACT 2600
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  • Event Start: Tue, 27 Aug, 05:00 PM
    Event Finish: Tue, 27 Aug, 07:00 PM
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<img alt="Event banner" src=";oid=00D90000000o5NE&amp;lastMod=1565066567000"></img><br>“A new enterprise approach is needed to facilitate the adoption of AI technologies while supporting the best of agile practice and continuous improvement”.<br><br>Agencies are developing enterprise approaches for digital adoption built upon a sustainment model. This supports management of technology (and other) resources, driven by optimising sustained continuous improvement. <br><br>However. <br><br>New ways of working, and new expectations built on those ways of working, have opened agencies to data driven businesses. These businesses are rapidly changing in a data economy. In this rapidly changing area, good, sustained technology management might actually represent a risk to business rather than sound advice.<br><br>“<i>[I]n the cases of well-managed firms … <b>good</b> management was the most powerful reason they failed to stay atop their industries</i>.” [Christensen]<br><br>That was fifteen years ago. Now, a participant in the data economy must <b>double</b> their capability <b>every 3 months</b>, in order to maintain status quo. This speed of change is not just in the IT/IM sphere but is a core driver through the enterprise in all areas of business and across all levels.<br><br>The advent of agile practices, the adoption of new data services, means enterprise architects must help businesses to adapt (and adopt) exponential approaches whilst reinforcing the incremental benefits of the IT structures to support service delivery.<br><br>In this session, Leif will discuss the role of “AI” and all things data analytics as a catalyst for a new approach to enterprise architecture:  <ul><li><b>Why</b> is it important to balance a business-oriented and unstructured approaches to technology, and build governance and platforms to support the adoption of AI.</li><li><b>How</b> the Enterprise Architecture approach can support the effective design of whole-of-organisational approaches to leverage data and support AI adoption.</li><li>A few real-life experiences of the successful (and unsuccessful) designs for analytics and AI approaches to facilitate organisational change.</li></ul> <b>Who should attend</b>: Business and ICT Executives, Managers, Enterprise Architects, Data Architects, Portfolio Managers, Business Relationship Managers.<br><br><b>Details of the event</b><br>Time:           5:00PM – 5:15PM (Registration),<br>                    5:15PM – 6:20PM (Presentation)  and<br>                    6:20PM – 7:00PM (Networking opportunity and refreshments)<br>Venue:         Hyatt Hotel Canberra, Assembly Room<br><br><b>*Please join us for refreshments after the presentation.<br><br>This Enterprise Architecture &amp; Strategy event is proudly sponsored by <a href="" target="_blank">Synergy Group Australia</a>.</b>


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event sponsors

  • Synergy Group Australia

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Leif Hanlen

Leif Hanlen

Dr Leif Hanlen , Senior Manager, Synergy Group 

Leif is a data and reg-tech specialist. Scrum master, strategic innovation lead. Leif has over 20 years’ experience in technology research, data strategies and digital business transformation.

Leif has designed and led data strategy projects with Australian government agencies. He is an international keynote speaker on new technology including ‘big data’, regulation and blockchain technology. He has a strong background in modern and Data & Business Analytics.

Leif has recently completed several strategic planning projects supporting organisations to optimise their investments in digital technology, to take advantage of their data assets.

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120 Commonwealth Avenue,Canberra,ACT,Australia

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