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ACS Victoria Blockchain POD (Seminar): Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technology: Understanding an emerging asset class

Join us at this upcoming Blockchain POD taking place in a Seminar/Forum format. Prash will provide attendees with an introduction to blockchain technology and its associated financial vehicle, Cryptocurrency, which is rapidly gaining traction as an emerging asset class.

Registration End Date: Wed, 31 Jul, 02:00 PM

  • where

  • ACS Melbourne Innovation Hub
    Level 14, 839 Collins Street
    Docklands VIC 3008
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  • Event Start: Wed, 31 Jul, 05:30 PM
    Event Finish: Wed, 31 Jul, 07:15 PM
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  • -

What do we know about Blockchain and how it works?<br><br>This seminar will be focused on the ideology that has underpinned the movement of Blockchain as well as attempting to explain in plain terms what is largely a counter-intuitive and confusing landscape to navigate for the uninitiated.<br><br>Join us on <b>Wednesday 31 July</b>, where our speaker Dr. Prash Puspanathan will provide attendees with an introduction to blockchain technology and its associated financial vehicle, Cryptocurrency, which is rapidly gaining traction as an emerging asset class.<br><br>This talk will cover the following key areas: <ul><li>Historical overview and ideology behind the movement</li><li>Crypto 101: Blockchain technology, Decentralisation, Smart Contracts tied together with a case study</li><li>Overview of current Cryptocurrency market conditions and its place within the larger market cycle</li><li>Ongoing issues with mainstream adoption and current vs future regulatory landscape</li><li>Debunking some of the myths around the ecosystem</li><li>Crypto Taxation in Australia</li></ul>


 05:30 PM - 06:00 PM  Registration                          
 06:00 PM - 07:00 PM  Presentation                          
 07:00 PM - 07:15 PM  Event close                          

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Technical specialism (TECH) - 4


Prash Puspanathan

Prash Puspanathan

Dr Prash is the CEO of Caleb & Brown, Australia's first dedicated Cryptocurrency brokerage. A medical doctor by training, Dr Prash  first became interested in Cryptocurrencies via his libertarian roots. He started Caleb & Brown to bridge a gap in the market, the lack of a trusted, well-supported and secure on-ramp to allow investors large volume access to the Crypto market in a manner more akin to traditional financial services. He was voted Young Executive of the Year by the Australia wide Indian Executive Council in 2018.

Caleb & Brown provides each client with a personal broker to handle all their Cryptocurrency investment needs from education, wallet setup and same-day large volume purchases to ongoing market analysis, in-house Crypto tax consultancy and investment via SMSF. In recognition of this personalised model, Caleb & Brown was awarded Fintech Startup of the Year 2018 by the Stockbrokers and Financial Advisors Association.


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Level 14, 839 Collins Street,Docklands,VIC,Australia

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