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acs membership

Being a member of ACS helps you realise your ambitions in information and communication technology (ICT). We provide recognition and support for every stage of your career, whether you’re a student looking for your first job, a mid-career professional or a leader in the profession. ACS takes a holistic approach to developing your skills through practical education, networking opportunities, career advice and essential IT information. At the same time, you are lending your voice to the organisation that represents Australia’s largest ICT community.

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$ 374

Be part of Australia’s largest professional ICT community. Whether you are looking to advance your career and current skills and knowledge or are wanting to contribute to help others to develop theirs, ACS’ extensive range of continuing professional development programs, benefits such as providing indemnity insurance under the ACS umbrella insurance policy which provides safeguards for financial members earning less than $100k per annum in ICT consultancy fees or skills profiling to plan your next career step with the industry-leading mySFIA tool available only to ACS members – ACS is here to support you.

$ 72

Are you enrolled in, or currently studying an ICT course? Join the ACS to enter a world of possibilities. ACS offers Student members 50 online courses to help you develop soft skills for when you look to enter the workforce and a Digital Library of over 28,000 learning assets to support your studies. As a member, you can also participate in approximately 600 events across Australia each year to help you develop a professional network. Student membership will be one of your best resources to help you start your career and meet new people.

$ 72

You’ve finished your course and the world is your oyster. ACS provides ICT graduates with a pathway for continuing your professional development with ongoing mentoring and development programs to kick start your career. Our digital learning assets including our ICT Leaders Series is available to you 24/7. Together with 28,000 learning assets to support the knowledge you’ve acquired, 50 online courses to help you develop soft skills to support your transition into the workforce and providing over 600 events across Australia each year, you will be able to leverage tools to help you on your journey.

$ 720

An individual must be an ACS Member before applying for certification. You can apply for ACS Membership and Certification at the same time with this application. As an ACS member you commit to a code of ethics, a code of professional practice and continuing professional development (CPD). Your ACS membership provides you with the resources to not only fulfil these obligations but to access the largest network of ICT professionals in Australia, information and advice to keep your knowledge current and products and services that will help you keep your skills up to date and relevant. These are technology agnostic certifications recognising transferable skills and competencies and to become a Certified Professional or a Certified Technologist, you will need to undergo a formal Certification Assessment. This assessment will analyse your skills and competencies as demonstrated by your education and experience. This is a competency certification, so there are no exams or study required. This is an easy process and our leading assessment processors and assessors are here to help you. If you are already an ACS member and want to show the world your commitment to the ICT profession? You can apply using the Certification Only application form.