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Public consultation

Proposed 2019 ACS Professional Standards Scheme

New ACS scheme to strengthen the ICT profession – open for comment


The ACS plans to launch a new Professional Standards Scheme on 1 January 2019. All Certified Professional (CP) members will go into the scheme. This will provide public protections into the future, and strengthen the ICT profession with formal recognition by governments.

This responds to the growing profile of business and consumer risk in the digital environment, and the erosion of public trust in experts.

View the ACS Scheme legal document and public consultation document for further details. For further enquiries email [email protected]

The proposed  Scheme was notified in the press on Friday 17 August 2018. The Professional Standards Council (a statutory body) has invited comments and submissions in relation to the proposed Scheme from interested stakeholders until COB Friday 14 September 2018 - 

Comments & Submissions

Benefits of the scheme 

  • Increased personal protection - occupational liability is limited to $1.5 million which means members assets are protected.

  • Improved professional standards - the Professional Standards Scheme requires members to comply with high standards of quality assurance, risk management practices, disciplinary procedures and professional development ensuring participants are high calibre.

  • Market reassurance - clients and employers are reassured that participating members are focused on the highest professional standards and risk mitigation practices are in place. 


ACS Professional Standards Scheme Application Form