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The CXO Report

Episode 2: A conversation with Peta Ellis, CEO of River City Labs

The CXO Report

Peta Ellis reveals how innovative technologies are reshaping business and industry. In a special series, The CXO Report on, ACS uncovers the strategies for success by our nation's biggest tech entrepreneurs.

Watch this Sky News Business interview as ACS CEO, Andrew Johnson interviews Peta Ellis, CEO of River City Labs on The CXO Report.

Learn valuable lessons from Peta’s incredible journey growing Brisbane’s Startup community inside the city’s most prominent Coworking community of Tech Startups, Entrepreneurs and industry mentors. 

The importance of validating your ideas before you launch, navigating the VC ecosystem, building your support network and getting local to understand your customer and the talent you need to succeed.

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CXO Report: Aaron Birkby

Get invaluable insights from one of Australia's most prominent startup community advocates Aaron Birkby.

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CXO Report: Peta Ellis

Learn from Peta’s incredible journey growing Brisbane’s Coworking community of Tech Startups, Entrepreneurs and industry mentors.

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