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Apple launches the iPhone 7

Monday, 12 Sep 2016


Here’s what it will cost you to own one.

Apple will put iPhone 7 and 7 Plus devices into the hands of Australian customers on Friday 16 September at a starting price of $1079 outright or $62 a month on a mobile plan.

The company unveiled the device at a global launch event with – as expected – few surprises: no headphone jack (but an adapter to keep using existing 3.5mm earphones), an improved camera and chip, and better water and dust resistant casing.

There is also now a 256GB on-board storage option, and the base model iPhone 7 comes with 32GB instead of the tiny 16GB of the iPhone 6.

With pre-orders opened last Friday – and only one week before the device becomes generally available, instead of the customary fortnight gap for previous iPhone releases – attention quickly turned to the hip pocket damage to own the new iPhone.

iPhone 7

At Apple’s own retail stores, the iPhone 7 is $1079 for the 32GB version, $1229 for 128GB or $1379 for 256GB.

There is already a 2-3 week delay for those wanting the 32GB base model, and a 3-4 week wait for the “jet black” coloured devices, which is only available in 128GB or 256GB.

By price only, the cheapest carrier plan so far is offered by Virgin Australia – a $30 plan with a $32 handset price for a total of $62 a month. The handset price per month increases to $38 for 128GB or $44 for the 256GB version.

Optus’ iPhone 7 plans begin at $68 a month, comprising a $40 plan and $28 handset repayment for the 32GB model. On the same plan, the 128GB version comes with a $42 a month repayment (total $82 a month), or a $48 monthly repayment for the 256GB version (total $88 a month).

Vodafone’s cheapest offer is $76 a month, consisting of a $40 a month plan and $36 a month handset repayment on the 32GB phone. The handset repayment grows to $45 a month for the 128GB version, and $52 a month for the 256GB iPhone 7.

Telstra’s lowest offer is $85 a month for the iPhone 7 32GB. That creeps up to $94 a month for the 128GB version and $100 a month for the 256GB device.

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