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Invitation to participate in Engineers Australia's Applied IOT Engineering Community

Tuesday, 19 Jul 2016

Engineers Australia (EA) is inviting members of ACS to participate in a new online Community of Practice being launched on 5 July. The focus of the community is the Internet of Things (IOT). It’s a completely new service to members, delivered by EA’s Learned Society Business Unit and championed by its Information Technology and Electronics Engineering (ITEE) College. Ea and ACS have entered into a memorandum of understanding and through this arrangement, we are pleased to offer ACS members access to the community at the same rate as EA own members, which is free for online participation and webinars.

As your organisation would know, IOT is a hot topic and is expected to impact the vast majority of business processes in virtually every industry. It is certainly likely to feature prominently in the careers of most of your members. However, IOT is a complex field and there is a general lack of understanding of how to best integrate the disparate technologies that make up IOT. That's why we need a community of practice to inform and support members.

A community of practice is a national forum for sharing and creating knowledge around a particular focus subject, in this case IOT. We will be holding weekly webinars aimed at educating members and stimulating online discussion. The community is supported by a platform at with a calendar of events, discussion forum, member blogs, wiki and document library.

What differentiates this new service from other CPD offerings, is a focus on developing practical tools and guidelines, which will form the basis of a body of knowledge around Applied IOT Engineering. Also, the community will primarily be online allowing participation from the desk for regional and busy members.

To join the community, simply register  at  and start participating through commenting and joining the webinars. If you have further questions do please contact the community facilitator below.

Community Facilitator:

Dr Tim Kannegieter, Knowledge Manager, Learned Society Business Unit, Engineers Australia

[email protected]