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PROJECT MANAGEMENT - Customising PRINCE2 for Your Project - Wednesday 20 July

Monday, 06 Jun 2016

Small-scale projects are by far the most common form of project enacted by organisations and PRINCE2's stages allow deliverables at the end of each stage, not unlike Agile's 'Potentially Shippable Product' at the end of a sprint.

The balance between ‘process’ and ‘output’ is the key factor for consideration when looking at the effectiveness of applying project management methodologies to smaller projects.

The adoption of a scaled-down version of PRINCE2 offers a flexible and considered approach to small-scale project management, whilst limiting the management burden and still enhancing the process.  PRINCE2 'Lite' enables a project manager to use ‘lean project planning’ to meet the requirements of small-scale projects in a variety of environments.

This presentation continues the theme of our best practice methodologies and shows real-world examples of a minimalist approach to PRINCE2 and how to initiate a small project based on PRINCE2.

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