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Lessons from Telstra CTO Exit

Monday, 06 Jun 2016


The departure of Vish Nandlall from the CTO role at Telstra caused a stir due to allegations that his resume was partly falsified and that he had plagiarised presentation material.

Nandlall denied the allegations, saying he was returning to Canada for personal reasons.

But Telstra is hardly the first ICT company to have had alleged issues with a senior employee’s resume.

Yahoo! CEO Scott Thompson stepped down in 2012 after it was claimed that he did not hold the computer science degree mentioned in his resume. Veritas Software CFO Kenneth Lonchar left that company in 2002 after allegations that he had falsely claimed to hold an MBA from Stanford University.

Also in 2002, Lotus Development CEO Jeff Papows left the IBM subsidiary following the Wall Street Journal’s [paywalled] report that he was a Marine Corps lieutenant not a captain, and that he did not hold a PhD from Pepperdine University.

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