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Download the 2013 Subject Schedule

Download the 2013 Subject Guide.

Core subjects - compulsory

Risk Management: Professionalism and Compliance (formerly Business, Legal and Ethical Issues): introduces the concepts of risk management as a framework for ethical, professional and legally compliant members of the ICT professionals working in modern organisations. Two subjects for the price of one! Within a month of enrolling in RMP you will also be enrolled in the Professional Practice (PP) unit which is a compulsory part of the Program. This mentored unit will give you the skills and guidance to develop your career as you work with your personal mentor, completing a reflective diary, your SFIA self-assessment and a Mahara eportfolio. All our mentors are industry professionals who have a wealth of experience in ICT. Click here to enrol.

New Technology Alignment: has an emphasis on opening your mind to new technical trends and how they align with business today. Click here to enrol.

Business, Strategy and IT: covers competitive strategy, performance management, innovation and uncertainty preparing, justifying and evaluating business cases for ICT investment and delivering value. Click here to enrol.

Professional Practice (Mentoring and Career Development): is completed throughout your studies and you’ll need to maintain a weekly reflective diary to help you assess your development and consider the relevance of the course to your work and your career. You’ll be assigned a personal mentor to guide you, and to help you establish a lifelong philosophy of reflecting, reviewing and planning. You will also assess your skills against the SFIA framework and develop an e-portfolio. Click here for more information on Professional Practice.

Note:  ACS Members with CP status are not required to undertake the Professional Practice subject.

Elective Subjects - choose one

Business Analysis: focuses on developing indepth root cause analysis and critical thinking skills. This subject covers everything from modelling of data, functions and workflows through to understanding the complexities of business needs. Click here to enrol.

Business Process Improvement (using Lean Six Sigma): shows you how to use proven methodologies to analyse business processes systematically, develop a solid business case, and prioritise initiatives to ensure maximum improvements are made to your business operations. Click here to enrol.

Consultancy: Complements your strong technical skills with interpersonal skills and an understanding of the consulting process. On completion, you will have skills in handling clients, developing a business focus, consulting styles and analysis. Click here to enrol.

Enterprise Architecture: helps align ICT with your organisation’s strategy, processes and information. You’ll learn the critical components and process involved in the governance of enterprise architectures. Click here to enrol.

Green Technology Strategies: demonstrates how organisations can use computers and telecommunications in a way that maximises positive environmental benefits and minimises negative environmental impacts. Click here to enrol.

Information Security: takes you on a journey through governance, management of information, methods for developing strategies and responses to incidents, and information risk management. Click here to enrol.

IT Service Management: explains how to deliver ICT services effectively using process standards and frameworks such as ITIL. Based on the current ITIL version 3, this subject also draws concepts from other related frameworks such as VALITTM, COBIT® and ISO/IEC 20000. Click here to enrol.

Organisational Change Management: will teach you the essential skills of a change manager – how to influence the majority to positively accept and commit emotionally to change. You’ll develop a sound foundation built on an understanding of human behaviour. Click here to enrol.

Project Management: gives you the confidence to meet the toughest challenges, ensuring your project delivers what your organisation requires of it. Click here to enrol.

To enrol in any of these subjects, visit Subject Enrolment.

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