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ACS Guide to IT Professionals 2022

Australia’s technology industry is full of opportunity. The number of jobs has grown 14% over the past five years, second only to healthcare. And there’s no sign that the market is slowing down. In fact, the opposite is true. The tech industry must recruit and additional 400,000 high-skilled workers by 2027. As a member of ACS, you are ideally positioned to capitalise on technology’s opportunity. Download the ACS Guide to IT Professions 2022 The ACS Guide to IT Professions 2022 is produced exclusively for ACS members. It’s designed to help you manage your career in technology, highlighting the roles that are expanding, the skills in demand and the wages on offer.

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How ACS Membership can benefit your career growth


Learning Accelerator

New courses, prescribed learning journeys, vendor certification practice tests, certifications on completion and recommendation for continual learning and skills development.

Digital library

With 44,500 digital assets: exclusive training videos, recorded webinars and insights from tech leaders.

ACS Career Platform

Career advice, job seeking content, profiles of working with specific organisations, and available opportunities with employers across the tech sector.

Technology and Innovation Hubs

All ACS members can access and use the Technology Hub facility in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. 

Access to thought leadership

Ground-breaking reports to keep you updated with the latest trends in the tech sector.

Professional Indemnity and products liability insurance

Protect yourself with our professional indemnity coverage for members that invoice less than $100,000pa for ICT services.

Join ACS, upskill and stay relevant

As an ACS member, you’ve access to an array of career support. From an extensive, online video skills library to networking events and mentoring programs, ACS membership provides you with the help you need to take the next step in your tech career. And it doesn’t matter where you are in your career, ACS support can be tailored to individual needs whether you’re a student starting out, an experienced professional looking to advance your career or a team leader seeking recognition for your team’s successes.

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Download the exclusive ACS Guide to IT Professions 2002

The ACS Guide to IT Professions 2022 is published exclusively for ACS members. The latest in a long line of industry-leading ACS publications, the ACS Guide to IT Professions 2022 delivers vital insights for tech professionals looking to develop their careers. Unique in the market, the guide highlights both macro and micro trends, delivering the roles in demand, the skills needed and the wages on offer as well as a deep dive into individual roles.

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