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'Each person needs to appreciate and champion the importance of gender equality' - Beverley Mwenda, ACS Women in Victoria Committee member

Friday, 18 Dec 2015

The ACS Women in Victoria committee would like to introduce you to Beverley Mwenda. Beverley is currently studying a Bachelor of Information Technology online, after spending a few years working in business/ project support, document control, business training and compliance roles.

Beverley took the time to answer some questions about her experience within ICT.

Beverley Mwenda
Why did you join the ACS Vic Women’s committee?

I joined the ACS Victoria Women’s committee to help promote the IT sector as a career option to women. In addition, I would like to help develop pathways for women entering the industry regardless of their age, background and prior working experience.

What do you see are the challenges for women in IT?

  • Sourcing entry-level pathways into the IT sector
  • Equal opportunities and equal pay for both genders based on merit and work ethic
  • Opportunities to progress up the ladder, particularly if a woman takes time away from work to be a primary care giver to a parent, child or other family member
  • Remaining up-to-date with IT developments when taking time off from work while in a primary carer role

What do you think it will take for gender equality in the IT sector?
Each person needs to appreciate and champion the importance of gender equality as being just and fair. By accepting this, the appropriate actions will follow to ensure gender equality in the IT sector. Actions will address each of the challenges listed above.

Do you have any inspiring words of wisdom for girls/women wanting to work in IT?
Research the sector and find out what options are available and what areas you are interested in pursuing. Remember that soft skills matter. How you treat people and how you communicate are key in the work place. Don’t be afraid to learn new things. Don’t be afraid to try. Never give up!

“When someone tells you that you can’t do something, perhaps you should consider that they are only telling you what they can’t do.” – Sheldon Cahoon

Have you had any key milestones in your life that changed the direction of your career?
I’m currently in the process of changing my career path. I’ve always had an analytical mind and I enjoy coming up with new ideas and solving things.  I’ve always been comfortable around numbers and I have a passion for the use of technology in business and entrepreneurship, so IT seemed to be a great fit.

What is your hope for the IT industry?
I hope the IT sector, particularly in Australia, will expand its research and innovation initiatives and become a global leader in the sector. Hopefully the sector will continue to grow and provide equal opportunities for those working in the sector.

Why would you encourage others to become more involved in ACS?
ACS is a great way to network with your peers in the IT sector. ACS provides many forums such as special interest groups, which can be used to table ideas and promote change in the sector.