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Thursday, 10 Dec 2015

ACS Qld would like to welcome the following new Branch Executive Committee members for 2016/17:

Welcome back -
Elizabeth Harper(MACS Snr CP) CIO GHD
Hayden Delaney– Partner Hopgood Ganim (MACS)
Peter Yeates – Consultant

and welcome aboard -

Prof Peter Croll – eHealth Privacy & Security expert
Margaret Carey – Presence of IT
Fiona Foley – Executive Manager
Kurt Pudniks (our first representative from far North Qld - Cairns) – engineer, consultant and Director
Prashant Pandey – Director content development Qld State Library

As well as our current BEC members such as:

Nick Tate - Chair

Mike Driver - Vice President
Chris Bridge - IP Chairman
Dr Paul Campbell FACS
Bevin Irvine MACS CP
Nicholas Brant MACS
Neil Wood MACS CP
Dr Marilyn Wells MACS (Snr)

We have an excellent cross section of professional members within this group that span across many sectors such as: Education, ICT Recruitment, Government, Corporate, SME's, Research and Legal. A very interesting group of people whom will surely bring some current and informative knowledge to the team.