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Federation University Australia launches P-Tech school

Thursday, 03 Dec 2015

Monday 30 November saw the launch of P-TECH, a global education model co-developed by IBM, to be set up at Federation University Australia.

P-TECH is an innovative, public-private partnership that provides students a clear pathway from high school to higher education to a career. High school students will have the opportunity to graduate with a secondary school and Advanced Diploma qualification in six years or less.

Shirley Fraser, Director of Federation College, said students will be able to undertake a range of industry-supported learning experiences that will extend the students’ education beyond the class room.

With a number of P-TECH schools launched within the US since 2011, it is expected that by September 2016, there will be more than 60 P-TECH schools across six US states, plus the first outside of the United States in Australia.

For more information, visit the P-TECH website.