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ACS launches The Promise of Diversity

Wednesday, 02 Dec 2015

On 1 December the ACS has launched a new report, The Promise of Diversity - Gender Equality in the ICT Profession, outlining a series of recommendations to increase the participation of women in the ICT profession.

The Report finds that, at a time when Australia is facing a serious shortage of skilled ICT professionals, women represent only 28 per cent of the ICT workforce compared to 43 per cent in the wider professional workforce. This underutilisation of human capital in ICT looms as a major constraint on Australia’s national growth.

The Report examines the entire life cycle of female participation in ICT.  It focusses on three key areas that must be addressed if we are to achieve greater gender equity in ICT. These areas are:

  • Female participation in the workforce
  • Females and the school education sector
  • Females and the vocational and higher education sectors

The Report notes that addressing the barriers will require a mix of short and long-term initiatives, as well as genuine commitment by employers, educators and governments to tackling the issues. 

To read the Media Release and to download the document go to