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2015 4th Annual Dennis Moore Distinguished Oration - Where is that data utopia? & 1962 Prize Award

Thursday, 26 Nov 2015

In Western Australia, the Australian Computer Society (ACS) held its fourth Dennis Moore Distinguished Oration, with more than one hundred ICT senior and aspiring professionals from industry, government and academia enjoying a formal dinner at the University Club at UWA.

This year, the Orator was Professor Svetha Venkatesh from Deakin University in Victoria. Professor Venkatesh delivered Where is that Data Utopia? – an informative and gripping description of data analysis that described real-life examples in:

* Security video streams
* Detecting suicide risk
* Detection of autism spectrum disorder (ASD)

The winner of the prestigious 1962 Prize was also announced. There were five finalists from Curtin, ECU, Murdoch and UWA and Dennis Moore presented the winner’s certificate to Michael Martis from UWA. Michael is now working for Google in Sydney and the award was accepted by his father – Joe Martis. The acceptance speech paid tribute to the ACS and to Professor Dennis Moore.

The speech pointed out that: “Dennis Moore oversaw the installation of the first general-purpose computing machine in Western Australia - a pioneering act in a time of rapid technological change. We must now face the computational and societal challenges posed by technology more pervasive and more powerful than our predecessors could have imagined. The 1962 Prize is instrumental in recognising and promoting the excellence that will be required to marshal "big data", biocomputing and other, as-yet-unknown technologies of the future.“

For more information or for an invitation to the announcement of next year’s Orator, contact:
Alexandra Mollo
Tel: (08) 9260 3702