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ACS Victoria strengthens its regional ties in Geelong

Thursday, 26 Nov 2015

ACS Victoria collaborated with Deakin University to run a special regional industry forum to discuss the issue around ‘how should we be teaching ICT?’.

Over 30 guests attended this event at Western Beach Room Geelong Deakin Waterfront Campus on Tuesday 24 November, to see Dr Justin Pierce provide his knowledge on how we should be teaching ICT graduates to ensure they are work ready.

Information systems (IS) continue to provide the nexus for advancing economies.  In a contemporary environment where businesses and economies experience unprecedented change, it is understandable that ICT skills should be in high demand and, ipso facto, pay handsome salaries.  

The forecast is predicting an increased demand of 100,000 ICT workers over the next 6 years. Yet graduates with ICT qualifications have declined significantly since the early 2000s. Not only do students need to be digitally literate, but they are also required to be capable in building digital solutions for the problems of the future. Higher Education institutions must promote the strength and diversity of ICT-related study and career paths to students, with the aim of increasing the future pipeline of ICT graduates as well as developing more interdisciplinary opportunities between ICT and other subject areas.

Related disciplinary areas such as accounting and management have benefited from the introduction of ICT to a point where ICT features in those curricula.  Of the students who do enter ICT courses, many of them are already very well versed in ICT.  We are thus heading in a direction where ICT courses are becoming irrelevant in the broader economy.  For practitioners and educators the questions, then, become whether the decline can be arrested and whether doing so is worth our collective while.

ACS Victoria would like to thank Justin and all who attended on Tuesday evening.