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BIG DATA in Action™: A HANDS-ON Workshop on Using and Protecting Big Data - Early Bird Rate Ends Soon!

Tuesday, 24 Nov 2015

This is a course with a strong focus on hands-on learning through a number of step-by-step exercises.

The course starts with Big Data fundamentals and then provides students with the opportunity to use Big Data on a real-life problem - analysing email metadata. And, at the end of the course, two of the most important considerations for Big Data in the enterprise, security and privacy, are covered.

After completing the course, in addition to the course material, participants will have a Virtual Machine with two ready-to-use Big Data solutions that can be taken to their organisations and used immediately as prototypes for Big Data initiatives.

Locations and Dates: 

    • Date: 2 December 2015
    • Venue: Australian Technology Park, 2 Locomotive Street, Eveleigh, NSW 2015
    • Price (incl. of GST and after $200 discount for ACS members)
  • Standard - $500
  • Early Bird (until 28/11/15) - $400

What's included:

·  8-hours of tuition

·  100% up-to-date material

·  Comprehensive course notes

·  Interactive training session

·  Two installed and ready-to-use Big Data technologies

What you will learn

The course covers the following topics:

·  Big Data Overview –  looks at the definition of Big Data and what its characteristics mean. It includes several real-life stories, illustrating the potential of Big Data solutions and what a successful Big Data initiative should include.

·  Machine Learning (ML) –  is an introduction to Machine Learning, an area very closely linked to Big Data. Machine Learning is the process of discovering patterns in datasets. It is often confused with Big Data, however organisations need to be careful not to make this mistake. The students will become familiar with several types of Machine Learning, when and how they should be used and what are the leading ML tools available today.

·  Big Data Sources – there are many places where we can find datasets to be used in a Big Data initiative.  These include the usual "suspects", such as ERP systems and corporate data warehouses, but also a number of datasets available publicly or for a fee. We will look at some of these datasets, their locations and the mechanisms to access them.

·  Big Data Tools – we will cover two of the most popular tools on the market today.  We will look at how they operate and what they can be used for.  Afterwards, we will perform step-by-step exercises related to each tool, including installation, loading a dataset containing email metadata and extracting information from it.

·  Protecting Big Data – in this module, we'll provide some practical steps on how to address the main vulnerabilities in major Big Data technologies. By design Big Data technologies are not secure and a number of vulnerabilities exist. And, unfortunately, a number of these are not addressed yet. The Swiss security firm BinaryEdge estimates that 1,175 Terabytes of data is exposed online.

·  Big Data Privacy - this module will examine the challenges posed by Big Data in the area of privacy by looking at specific examples where breaches may occur. It will provide practical advice on how to minimise the risk of privacy breaches.

For further information and registration please use the following link -

Note 1: The discount of $200 for ACS professional members will apply automatically.

Note 2: Lunch is included in the price and will be provided.