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ACS' star rises with Reimagination 2015

Friday, 20 Nov 2015


Digital disruption conference wins widespread praise.

The ACS has won plaudits from government and industry for its inaugural Reimagination 2015 conference and Digital Disruptors Awards.

Held at the Star in Sydney, the conference attracted hundreds of delegates from across Australia and internationally to discuss digital disruption and ways to reshape Australia to prosper in the digital future.

“When we decided in 2014 to launch this new summit and awards program, we did so recognising the power of innovation, entrepreneurship and the overwhelming economy-shaping that digital disruption can and will provide,” ACS President Brenda Aynsley said.

“ACS is committed to partnership with the industry, government, education and the broader economy.

“It’s time to ask ourselves the pertinent questions: what vision do you have for Australia? What vision do you have for your company, for your communities and for yourself?”

Aynsley said that ICT’s contribution to Australian GDP is already “phenomenal”, but digital disruption would see that contribution “eclipse many of our traditional sources [of economic growth] in a very short time.”

“We make an important contribution to Australia’s prosperity and growth,” Aynsley said. “We need to trumpet that.”

ACS Past President and NSW ICT Advisory Panel Chair Anthony Wong agreed that ICT could bring more to Australia’s economic prosperity.

“Now that the mining boom is over we must find new ways to generate new export dollars, strengthen productivity and grow the nation’s wealth,” he said.

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