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Register now for the ACS WA Monthly Forum -The Big Data Battle: A Hypothetical about Security versus Accessibility

Wednesday, 11 Nov 2015

In a world of increasing demands on data, many people are left asking important questions about two key elements in their life.

Is my information secure?    


Can I access the information I need easily and readily?

Join ACS WA Branch Chair, David Cook and a panel of experts as they debate the merits of security versus accessibility in a discussion where nothing is sacred. Come and see who will win the ultimate title of champion in the battle of data. 

The panel will be asked to defend their positions in regards to password security, share-point access, humans versus botnets, the iCloud, the iPad, secure Flash, data centres, the internet, encryption, PDFs, vision impairment, online banking, and finally maps, apps and data caps.

Bring your own questions to test the panel, and see if ACS WA can finally solve the mystery of how much security is too much security.

Warning, some questions may make you feel uncomfortable!  

Our panel of experts include:
  • Dr Krishnan Sansurooah, Security Research Institute
  • Dr Vivienne Conway, Web Key IT
  • Dr Justin Brown, Edith Cowan University
  • George Coldham, Element Prime, YIT WA Chair 

This forum will be held at The State Library Theatre on Tuesday 17th November from 5:30pm.

For more details and to register please click HERE

 Light Snacks and drinks provided